About SkaDate Dating Site Solutions Company


SkaDate is a division of Skalfa LLC (USA).

942 Windmere Dr NW
Salem, OR, USA
Phone: (+1) 971-239-5969
Fax: (+1) 971-223-3233


Experience in XHTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Macromedia Flash, web/graphic design, site optimization, site usability, dating sites marketing makes us a universal vendor able to perform complete set of services related to running online dating business. That's why our standalone software is a great success and a popular choice for businessmen.


The company's strive for success is supported by day-to-day work, constant development and regular educational activities. So we, as a division of the company, follow the company's labor and service policy.

We are here to stay, our product is to bring excitement, satisfaction and profit to our customers and partners. Our intention is to make the Web a better place.


We actively apply all our knowledge for creating a software piece that can suit the needs of a variety of sites that provide dating-, personals-, and matchmaking-oriented services. In working on the script itself and performing all support-related activities we use all experience and skills that we acquired during years of operation in web programming area.

We are always open for suggestions and new ideas and ready to communicate with our current and prospective customers.


In the extremely growing Internet environment stability and realibility have always been main points for any business to succeed. SkaDate, once proved its power and potential by becoming an Independent department of the Skalfa LLC, is now intending to express the potential for the future projects. Therefore, we would like to disclose several promotional changes expected to come in the nearest future:

  • Development and integration of new professionally designed layouts;
  • Adding new features and integrating third-party services to make SkaDate Dating Software live up to your expectations and keep up with the industry trends;
  • Business strategies consultancy services for our permanent clients.

There is a lot more to list, we work to make your business grow!