July 2011

12 Jul SkaDate Wizardry: Profile Building (A Harry Potter Edition)

Harry Potter

Buyskadetus! (Real spell, we swear).

Here we go people! The very last Harry Potter is unleashed on the world's population this week, so it's time to start dressing up as wizards...

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08 Jul Just Business

Business Just last month I've posted about the ban the Chinese army imposed on online dating. That sounded like a large (if not easily accessible) chunk of potential customers was eliminated from the game. This week, however, it...

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04 Jul Fourth of July Special: Online Dating and Four US Presidents


You can punch us intellectually any time, Mr. Goldblum.

If we are to believe Hollywood, the 4th of July is not about barbecues, fireworks, beer, or the adoption of that one...

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01 Jul Online Dating June Roundup


June: Google says this picture is related.

June was an incredibly busy and extended month for a summer start, don't you think? A lot has happened, both at SkaDate and across the online...

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