New Version of SkaDate Dating Software is Here!

18 Mar New Version of SkaDate Dating Software is Here!

SkaDate MasterDear friends,

We are very happy to share with you the excellent news about the release of a brand new version of SkaDate Dating Software! Yes, you read that right; after collecting user-feedback and analyzing latest market trends for months, we are finally rolling out the long-awaited next iteration of our acclaimed product. We hope you are just as excited as we are!

Meet SkaDate Master

We went with Master as the moniker, since we believe this version of SkaDate dating script is truly a Master solution to start online dating site or business. To date, this is the most complete SkaDate build we ever released, packing several dozen features under the hood – more than any other solution on the market.

We’ve polished up the software back-end to make it easier to operate, added a few exciting user-requested features to remain an industry trendsetter, and most importantly, we’ve optimized the script performance, making it the fastest SkaDate yet. Let’s look into the new package in more detail.

SkaDate Master Optimization Boost

As market leaders we simply couldn’t overlook such an important factor for running a dating site as software performance. After all, the recent industry boom resulted in fast growth of most dating sites, some boasting thousands and even millions of active users.

SkaDate Master Performance BoostTo make sure all SkaDate-powered sites, both content-heavy and just beginning, operate as smoothly as possible, we have made an extra effort optimizing software requests, which resulted in over 50% performance boost.

On top of that, we have integrated CloudFlare services, which ensure that sites remain online even during downtime, and enjoy additional acceleration in site loading due to implementation of cloud-share technologies.

SkaDate Master Additional Security and Spam Protection

The integration of CloudFlare also allowed us to significantly increase site protection.  We, however, did not stop there and introduced additional tools to counteract the ever-growing number of Spam requests dogging popular websites.

SkaDate Master Site Security

The software now allows site owners to block entire countries based on IP, or enable black list IP blocking system from StopForumSpam – a platform created specifically to collect malicious IPs all across internet, so that individual admins don’t have to spend hours moderating their websites.

SkaDate Master New Major Features

SkaDate Master Google Maps IntegrationWhile we are quite proud about the new Optimization and Site Protection  features, we know the most excitement comes from the shiny new toys we give to site runners and their members. Behold:

  • Google Maps Integration

You can now add additional visual representation of all online members on the site, as well as display distance between given users in the profile view;

  • Google+ Inviter

We have supplemented our present Facebook Inviter with Google+ to make it easier than ever to invite even more friends to join your growing dating sites;

  • Completeness Bar

Give your site users more visual reference when they change their profiles. The components shows how complete the profile is with a percentage value and a graphic gauge;

  • Drag-and-Drop for Navigation and Profile Fields

The work with Navigation and Profile Fields has been made much easier and user-friendly with an intuitive Drag-and-Drop system;

SkaDate Master Drag-and-Drop

  • Slideshow

As requested, this feature gives any site even more visual flare, with a custom slideshow on the Index Page. Just add your pictures and move the component to the appropriate page position;

SkaDate Master Slideshow

  • WYSIWYG Editor for Custom Pages and Blogs

This is another much-requested feature that substantially improves the work with Blogs and Custom Pages by introducing a professional WYSIWYG Editor;

SkaDate Master Blogs

  • Integration of

We have added another alternative Payment Gateway to our extensive collection, to allow even more business growth opportunities and flexibility for doing eCommerce.

  • Site Structure Overhaul

Understandably, it was becoming easy to get lost within the Admin Area as we continuously added more user-requested features to SkaDate. Fear not, we have rearranged some of the items inside the system to improve the intuitive work approach.

SkaDate Master Other Feature Improvements

  • New option allows to disable interactions between members of the same gender;
  • Site language can now be auto-selected for specific countries;
  • Classifieds have been enhanced with a new search option;
  • Albums can now be made password-protected;
  • New option allows to add custom affiliate banners;
  • Most displayed error messages were overhauled for better understanding;
  • Searching the site now displays the total number of found results;
  • All external links now have a no-follow attribute;
  • New option allows to test third-party SMTP setup before sending mail;
  • Myriad of other minor improvements and bug fixes;

Visit this page for a full list of all SkaDate Master features.

SkaDate Master New Free Theme

No SkaDate Release is complete without a new template. This time our Design Department came up with a bright and shiny traditional dating theme in Gold 2.  Combining best elements of our past efforts, Gold 2 is already our favorite and is a benchmark for SkaDate professional templates for years to come. Be the first to try it on!

SkaDate Master Free Theme

SkaDate Master Conclusion

SkaDate Master is the ultimate build of SkaDate, and the natural progression in our effort of producing best dating software tools on the market. SkaDate Master can be used by both, beginning startupers with ambition to conquer online dating industry, and seasoned companies  with vast experience in the area of online business.

To see SkaDate Master in action, please visit our Demo Page. Don’t forget to check out our portfolio featuring real examples of active dating sites running on SkaDate. If you are the current owner of a previous SkaDate build, please contact our Support Service for the Update Instructions. Otherwise, get in touch with SkaDate Pre-Sales Team to ask any additional questions or to purchase SkaDate Master now.

  • John
    Posted at 02:51h, 19 March

    hey looks pretty neat..

    is this a update or is this a completely new skadate version..

    • Zima F
      Posted at 00:22h, 20 March

      It’s a new release with brand new features and major enhancements. It was used on the prior platforms, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of the data or member base.

  • American Beauty
    Posted at 13:21h, 19 March

    very good

  • James
    Posted at 19:08h, 19 March

    If you have a running site how does a manager get this upgrade intergrated with theing site? or do you have to shutdown the existing site to upgrade it?

    • Zima F
      Posted at 02:07h, 20 March

      You will not lose any data during the update, but the site will be suspended during the process itself, which usually does not take more than an hour.

  • Marius Gnammakou
    Posted at 20:07h, 19 March


    How much it will cost to have the update?

    Thank you,

    • Zima F
      Posted at 00:20h, 20 March

      We provide all the update instructions and manuals absolutely for free to all SkaDate customers. But if someone prefers for us to perform the update, it will depend on the current version used. You can contact our Support Team and request a quote.

  • Jankovic
    Posted at 10:47h, 20 March


    CAN you install this new version in my site?
    Very interssing the Google Map and block ip country!
    Thank you for you job!

  • Topher
    Posted at 20:50h, 22 March

    Any existing users of Skadate upgraded already and can do mine, for a cost?

    I dont understand the update steps

    • Zima F
      Posted at 22:43h, 25 March

      Hi Topher,

      If you don’t want to do the update yourself or employ our services, you can look for freelance developers skilled with SkaDate at oDesk. They usually charge much less then our other partners.

  • Darl
    Posted at 10:06h, 26 March

    Interested in new version upgrade what would the cost be if you install

    • Zima F
      Posted at 20:36h, 27 March

      Hi Darl,

      You can do it yourself or ask your developer to do so following our free instructions. If you want us to perform the update, the cost will depend on the current version of the software you are using. Just contact our Support Team for the quote.

  • Nino
    Posted at 13:29h, 30 March

    Is version 9.2.2960 skadate master?

    • Zima F
      Posted at 03:51h, 01 April

      Hi Nino. Yes, this is indeed the designated iteration number assigned to SkaDate Master.

  • Vincenzo Zinni
    Posted at 03:09h, 01 April

    5 days ago I payd the update but still nothing happend and I am a little worried because I don’t know what happens. Can you help me with an answer?
    Thank you.

    • Zima F
      Posted at 03:50h, 01 April

      Hi Vincenzo. Do not worry, your update is in progress. Sorry it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated. We did not expect this rush for updates and are busy adjusting the system.

  • tom
    Posted at 14:18h, 02 April

    Hi. When you add a better options of the News? And finally, the Like button on User profiles?

    • Zima F
      Posted at 21:54h, 08 April

      Hi Tom,

      I will forward your suggestion to the team. Thanks for posting.

  • Luca
    Posted at 15:25h, 03 April

    i read all the upgrade installation and i have a question:
    there is a way to upgrade WITHOUT use SSH?
    I have a space on a managed server and i don’t have access to SSH.
    The first time a install prior version i ask to my hosting to untar the package (seems that if i upload by ftp after decompression it not work), but now there are three package to decompress and merges to do…
    Any idea to make the upgrade without ssh?
    Thanks, Luca

    • Zima F
      Posted at 22:15h, 08 April

      Hi Luca,

      Unfortunately, per our Server Requirements (

      SSH access details are required during every update, and could be requested during installs in rare cases.

  • Catalin
    Posted at 08:53h, 04 April

    I bought skadate script for my website and i`ve tried to update me script from 8.0.2243 to latest version. But my login datails don`t work . I send a lot of mails to but i didn`t get any answer.
    Can you help my ?
    Thank you

    • Zima F
      Posted at 22:05h, 08 April

      Hi Catalin,

      I asked the support team to check if your CA access details are still valid, and after checking them, it appears they are. The team will send you the working details immediately.

  • Chad
    Posted at 11:41h, 04 April

    When are you guys going to look at some of the top dating sites like Zoosk and create a theme/design like theirs? Show us a demo like Zoosk that has all of the social networking features stripped out leaving only the dating features. Zoosk keeps it simple. Search, view them, wink, chat, rate etc. How much work would it take to strip down Skadate to look and function like a “dating only” site?


    • Zima F
      Posted at 21:50h, 08 April

      Hi Chad,

      Thank you for this valuable feedback. We will certainly take it into consideration.

  • Vincenzo Zinni
    Posted at 15:20h, 04 April

    Hello Zima F
    The Skadate Modification Team finished the upload but something is not working right. I don’t have this function on my site. I can’t the distance between givin users in the profile view. I tryed to speak with the Modification but i’we recive no answer. I think that you shold start and finish the project,not leave it unfunctional.

    Google Maps Integration
    You can now add additional visual representation of all online members on the site, as well as display distance between given users in the profile view;

    • Zima F
      Posted at 21:45h, 08 April

      Hi Vincenzo,
      Sorry for the delay with the reply. I have talked to the Support Team and I believe they have resolved the issue. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

  • silvestre
    Posted at 16:27h, 08 April

    Country blocking isn’t working properly, do you have steps how it works?