SkaDate Dating Software Update: 7.5.1550

17 Feb SkaDate Dating Software Update: 7.5.1550

SkaDate dating and community software has come up with another update – 7.5.1550. It includes new features, minor bug fixes, performance and usability enhancements.

We keep improving SkaDate dating script to meet our customers demands and online dating industry trends. Your feedback is especially important to us, and we give it a strong consideration for releasing new software builds. That is why SkaDate 7.5.1550, just like the previous revision, has a number of features implemented thanks to our customers suggestions (they are marked with a ‘User Choice’ icon).

Below is the list of new features, fixes and improvements available in SkaDate dating software build 7.5.1550:

  • Improved User Points system
  • New Latest Activity items
  • Official safari support
  • Integration of Honesty Online background check service
  • Possibility to disable the ‘Latest Activity’ feature in the Admin Panel
  • Possibilitiy to add emoticons to the status line on the Memberhome page
  • Possibility for Site Administrator to set the number of profiles displayed in the ‘Friends List’
  • Usability improvements:
* Required fields are now marked with a red asterisk
* Slight reorganization of some Admin Panel menu items
* User Points purchase option added to Subscribe page
* ‘Check All’ option added to Profile Message Filter page in the Admin Panel
  • Bug fixes:
* Tag cloud bug fixed; tags are no longer case-sensitive
* ‘Time’ field bug in the Events feature fixed
* Private Profile feature bug fixed

We suggest that you take a look at a brief description of the most eye-catching features and changes.

Improved User Points system:

Site members have significantly more opportunities for spending user points now. The User Points system has become a complete replacement for Credits membership type with even more opportunities and greater flexibility.

We have also added a possibility for users to earn points by taking certain site actions, such as:
– profile picture upload
– daily login
– points on member’s Birthday
– first profile registration
– voting in polls
– friend invitation

Site Administrator can give points to users manually via the Admin Panel.

Members receive email notifications every time they get more user points to their credit balance.

User Points system settings can be easily configured in the Admin Panel, which makes it a powerful tool for your dating site monetization.

New Latest Activity items:

We have added more items to the Latest Activity feature. The list has been extended to include updates on:
– new group creation
– new video upload
– new comments for Video, Photo, Blog Post, Group, Profile, Event

Official safari support

We have optimized SkaDate PHP dating script for Safari Internet browser. At the moment SkaDate script supports Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox 3 and higher, Google Chrome and Safari. Now your site members can enjoy their online dating experience in all the popular Internet browsers.

Integration of Honesty Online background check service

Honesty Online is a widely-recognized identity verification service that has proved itself to be a great tool for fighting against Internet fraud and scamming. It works for your site trustworthiness and credible reputation.

Honesty Online provides background check services for your dating site members willing to prove their identity. By paying a certain amount and going through a verification process, they get a verified identity Credential that can be used at any online transactions and interaction.

By integrating Honesty Online with SkaDate dating script we have taken one more step towards making online dating experience safer both for site owners and users.

Possibility to disable the ‘Latest Activity’ feature in the Admin Panel:

A very useful option for the site owners holding up to traditional dating site conception.

Possibilitiy to add emoticons to the status line on the Memberhome page:

Now your site members have even more ways to express themselves: they can post textual updates to the status line accompanied by a great set of emoticons.

Possibility for Site Administrator to set the number of profiles displayed in the ‘Friends List’

Site Administrator can now control the number of friends displayed in a ‘Friends List’ profile component so that it would look best anywhere on the Profile View page.

Check the new features of SkaDate dating and community software at the Live Demo, and ask your questions from our pre-sales team 24/7. We are always glad to assist.

Best regards,
SkaDate Team

  • Diane & Dan
    Posted at 11:59h, 22 February

    Would like to thank Skadate Team for taking time to listen to the buyers in a timely manner and to rectify bugs,and improve user option ,we haven’t try the update yet but i’m sure its in all good intention.Special Thanks
    to Jane for taking all are written abuse “Not easy for Her” but it comes with the job.

    Best Regards

  • admin
    Posted at 12:06h, 24 February

    Dear Diane & Dan,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We are happy to assist you in every way, and make SkaDate a better product that would meet our customers’ needs and demands.

    Kind regards,

  • Laura
    Posted at 14:39h, 28 May

    Hi there,

    Very nice to hear about the upgrade, thank you very much!!. I just wonder where the upgrade instructions will be published? There has been upgrade issues in the past with other builds because of the lask of a proper upgrade manual. I hope you can provide us with a good manual this time. You have done nie changes in the script but all the efforts are useless if we cannot implement the changes.

    Thank you very much!

  • admin
    Posted at 05:11h, 31 May

    Dear Laura,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    You can find the software update manual in your Customer Area. We have re-written it for making it easier to understand. So feel free to check it out, and let us know if it needs any further improvements. Your opinion is important to us.

    Also, you might be interested in checking the latest build of SkaDate Dating Software – 7.5.1877 at

    It features new templates, Facebook contacts import, geo-targeted ads and more.

    If you have any further questions – feel free to contact us 24/7 at

    Kind regards,