SkaDate Online Dating Software Review

How is SkaDate different from other dating scripts?

Primary concerns you might have about a PHP dating software:

  • Can I have my own design?
  • Is the software multi-language?
  • Can I set my own member profile questions?
  • Can I bind my site to a specific geographic location (country, state, city)?
  • Is the site going to be easy for day-to-day operations in the future?
  • Is the software stable at 5K, 10K, 50K members and so on?
  • Can the software be modified to match my specific needs?
  • Is the software flexible enough to allow promotion actions?
  • Is the source code available and unencrypted?
  • ... and so on

With SkaDate, the answer is definitely yes. We have been working to satisfy customer needs for years and addressed the whole range of problems accompanying running an online dating site.

SkaDate is not just a piece of software with a number of features but a thought-out, user friendly, community oriented system, which makes your members stick to your site, thus creating stable recurring revenue for you.


Dating Software Comparison

There is a simple check to see if a particular dating script is the right choice for your needs. Ask any vendor to quote several things you will most likely need:

  • Change some menu items
  • Add/remove/modify a dozen profile questions
  • Tweak matchmaking algorithm settings
  • Change information content (e.g. another language)
  • Place/change watermark on member photos
  • Completely remove 2-3 features you don't need

SkaDate software allows to do it all from administration panel. No programming or file work involved!


Best Dating Software?

SkaDate is not a simple dating script but a serious community site-building framework with advanced configuration, user/content management tools and capabilities.

SkaDate software was specifically developed to be flexible in configuration and easily extensible with new features/modules.

This means that even with a broad set of SkaDate features you are not really limited with them. You can effectively modify and develop your site without sacrificing its architecture and quality.

... or have us do it.


SkaDate is 100% open source software built on popular PHP/MySQL technology able to run on Linux/Unix/Windows servers.


SkaDate uses special 3rd party tools to properly sanitize input data to prevent dangerous attacks called MySQL injections and cross-site scripting.

Powerful Set of Features

Invest 10 minutes into finding out how powerful and flexible SkaDate is. It can save you a lot of time and money afterwards.


Niche dating site business often requires geographic localization. Do you need

  • All countries/states/cities in the world?
  • Only several countries? (e.g. Europe)
  • Only one country with its states/cities?
  • One/several countries with zip/postal codes?
  • anything of the above combined? With radius search?

With SkaDate it's only a matter of database values. No programming involved!

Day-to-day Operations

Most dating platforms have absolutely unusable management tools. Just check how easy it is to approve a new profile with new photos, how many pages you need to open, and how much time you spend on that.

Never buy a piece of software without having a good understanding of how easy it's going to be for you to manage your site on a daily basis. Otherwise, it's really a `pig in a poke` deal.

SkaDate's administration tools are based on the experience of a popular dating network moderators team working with 1000s of new profiles and photos each day.


Profitable Online Dating Business

We're all about money-making community business software. We have run a number of usability tests to polish user interfaces, keep pages clean, and navigation intuitive. This is critical to obtain desirable conversion figures. It's a science unto itself, and we worked really hard to make SkaDate what it is. Now, all this is available to you.

There are 3 key points for success:
  • Solid Technology Base
  • Public Presentation that Converts
  • Proper Marketing

SkaDate already provides the first 2 points. Now that you see what SkaDate offers will you agree to have anything less?

Invest today, so we help you profit tomorrow!