SkaDate Reviews

SkaDate is an industry-recognized leader on the market of dating software, as attested by the annual success at iDate Awards. We can boast a competitive product that meets consumers' demands, a great professional support team, and hundreds of active customers using SkaDate to build their success.

However, while competing with other dating software providers who do not always hold to fair competition, we have faced a wave of smear campaigns against our company. The main tactic of this slandering activity is posting negative reviews by so-called unhappy SkaDate customers which they are obviously not. You can find such fake SkaDate reviews at the most popular forums and review/rating resources with non-moderated user content. As a rule, they will contain abusive language with words and sentences in upper case and a bunch of exclamation points, broad emotional accusations with no detailed description of site issues, and a final accent on rude appeals against purchasing SkaDate dating script. What you will never find in such fake reviews is the names of real SkaDate customers, links to web sites powered by SkaDate with all those bugs and errors they are claimed to have, and true impartial information about experience with SkaDate dating script.

You can read the official smear campaign response from SkaDate software company CEO Emil Sarnogoev at

In conclusion, we would like to bring up a few more facts speaking for SkaDate dating software company reputation. SkaDate has been chosen as a multiple-year finalist at iDate Awards in the 'Best Dating Software Provider' nomination thanks to trust and support of our customers, and at one time, Emil Sarnogoev, the company CEO, was even invited as a guest speaker at the Internet Dating Conference in Miami (learn more at SkaDate dating software blog).

We are always responsive and open to all kinds of user feedback. We respect the demands of our customers, and that is why we started a project at allowing SkaDate potential and existing clients to express their opinion on how to improve the software, and suggest the features they would like to see in the default script package. This always results in the release of new SkaDate software versions, with the absolute majority of new features implemented thanks to our customers suggestions.

We suggest that you take a minute of your time and check SkaDate reviews made by the real SkaDate customers, and see live and populated sites powered by SkaDate software.