The Benefits of SkaDate Business Solutions

The Benefits of SkaDate Business Solutions

and what to keep in mind when choosing a provider of dating software

Emil Sarnogoyev, SkaDate CEO


Choosing a software solution for your online dating business is a serious decision: it lays the foundation for your success. You can save a lot of time and money in the future by spending a few minutes reading this information on making the right choice.


The are four key elements you must keep in mind when making the decision – Product, Services, Team and Prices.




Software is by no means enough to succeed. However, it’s what you will live with for years to come. Software can be stuffed with features you don’t need, but lack subtle things that make a huge difference for your business. Example of these non-obvious must-haves in SkaDate:


  • Real Open Source
    Some providers would make you believe that open source just means un-encrypted source code. With SkaDate you get real open source infrastructure with 3rd party developers submitting patches and writing new plugins for it. A freelance website like Upwork lists more than 150 independent specialists who work with SkaDate. What does it give you? Options to choose from, development flexibility, continuance guarantees. It is a strategic long-term play, so a business can’t settle for anything less.
  • Updates
    We spent a great deal on making SkaDate updates (which are free for lifetime) as smooth as possible. You just click a link in the admin dashboard and you get your site updated.
  • Customizations
    Since SkaDate is plugin-based, it’s easy to seamlessly add/remove features to support your business model. Be it the “blackbox” model — where you can’t modify one thing without breaking the other — we wouldn’t have so many happy customers who were once frustrated with other products.
  • Monetization methods: Web + Mobile
    Accepting credit cards, PayPal, 2Checkout, SMS payments or integrating a new payment method as a plugin is critical. Keeping your membership plans and credits in sync with mobile in-app purchases is, too. SkaDate has got it right.
  • Flurry Mobile App Analytics
    If you don’t understand where your mobile users come from and how they use your mobile apps, how can you know if you are doing something wrong? Will you wait for negative App store reviews? SkaDate gives you Flurry integrated from the get-go for user behavior insights.
  • Admob Mobile App Ads
    You can enable the hugely popular Google Admob right in the admin area. Thus you start monetizing your mobile app users just like your website traffic with ads.
  • Out-of-the-box Search Engine and Social Media Optimization
    Did you know that Google can penalize your website for minor things like not having proper titles, meta descriptions, and dynamically updated sitemaps? SkaDate puts this anxiety to an end and you get as much free traffic as possible.


Pro Tip: Never buy any software until you have a very good idea of what it’s like to manage large amounts of users and their payments day by day. Any compromise you make today costs thousands in revenue and lost opportunities in future.




With SkaDate you get a complete solution to start online dating business. We want you to focus on what’s important, and leave the technical stuff to us. This way we build strong long-term relationships with our clients. We do this by offering following services:


  • Software Installation & Documentation
    We install SkaDate for you after the purchase. Our support team will give you all the documents needed to work with software, as well as the best roadmap for your project.
  • Ticket Support
    Our team is always ready to answer all of your questions and help you with your site. We also give you one month of support for free. This time is enough to prepare your site for launch.
  • Hosting
    We have our own environment to host dating sites of any scale. But it’s up to you to host with SkaDate or elsewhere.
  • Basic SEO Setup & Assistance
    Google and other search systems are often the main source of traffic and revenue. We take care of setting up your SEO strategy to start a successful online business.
  • App Branding & Store Submit
    You don’t have to worry about communicating with Apple and Google about your apps. We will rebrand them to your liking and submit them to app stores.
  • Personal Project Management
    If you need to, we can assign you a personal project manager. You’ll get one specialist to coordinate all necessary works, which ensures faster times and minimum friction.
  • Custom Development
    SkaDate has an in-house team for handling custom projects of any scale. Only we can guarantee high quality when working on mobile and web modifications for SkaDate.


Pro Tip: Several things you should consider before buying software:

  • how difficult it is to learn and work with the software;
  • how much time you will spend to master it;
  • how good and professional is the support service;
  • what additional services you get for the cost.




We are the only dating software company that is proud and happy to meet customers face to face.



Come to work with us, we have nothing to hide because the only thing we do is work for the success of your business.


Let me introduce you to the guys and gals behind SkaDate!


  • Dev Team
    Our largest team is always working on improving software and its features. We have a bi-monthly release schedule for web software and semi-annual for apps. One sub-division of the team is also busy with R&D for new products. And yet another with working on custom modifications for our clients.
  • Web Design (UI/UX)
    This team of professional designers is responsible for all visuals in our products. New software features go through their hands first. Creating dating templates and analysing our products to improve usability is also part of their job.
  • Marketing
    These guys are monitoring software and dating market trends. They also analyse feedback and consult customers about site advertisement. Their task is to promote the company mission to assure clients of stable and successful operation of their business.
  • Quality Assurance / Support / Project Management
    This is the team most familiar to our customers. They install software and set up client sites, collect feedback, re-brand and work on the apps, etc. Team members are also responsible for QA testing before releases, and act as project managers during custom development.


As you can see, we are not a group of no-name freelancers. SkaDate is a proper software company with a thorough approach to development and client needs.


Pro Tip: When choosing software for your business, always learn about the team behind the product/service. This will tell you a lot about what to expect, and how competent the company will be in responding to your needs.  




Our solutions are noticeably different from what is available on the dating software market. These is also true for the prices. SkaDate product do cost more. And now you also know why – after reading the information on this page. The final value of our solutions is the sum of several elements, including:

  • Installation works
  • Professional support managers services
  • Hosting environment
  • Applications customization
  • App stores communication
  • SEO services
  • Project monitoring
  • Many other things


In Closing


We are aware that most software providers sell barebone software and leave their customers stranded if trouble strikes. SkaDate doesn’t do that. We actively seek cooperation with you to see your project through the successful launch.


Pro Tip: You know what they say – “Buy cheap, buy twice”. This is true for online dating business as well. There is no economy in saving money on code. The software is only the first step. What follows is spending on programmers, SEO specialists, fixing errors, etc. Why pay twice and lose time, when you can find a perfect combination of price and quality from the start?


Note: Over a quarter of all our clients rebooted their dating business with SkaDate after failing with cheaper software elsewhere.

Now you should be ready for the very important decision about buying dating software. You have enough information and tips to make the right choice. If you still have some doubts, just contact us, and we will gladly answer all of your questions.