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SkaDate XI: New Version is Here

SkaDate XI Dating Software and Mobile Dating Apps

We are happy to present you the new and improved version of SkaDate Dating Software. SkaDate XI places additional emphasis on mobile dating, while further refining front-end and back-end interfaces, user-friendly modern design, as well as security, stability and overall site performance.

With SkaDate XI we managed to improve on virtually every aspect that made the last version an unquestionable hit among online dating startups. SkaDate XI is now a prime solution for running any online dating business configuration – desktop-only, mobile-standalone, or a combination of both.

SkaDate XI Dating Software with Mobile AppsOne of the most notable additions in this version of SkaDate XI is the built-in mobile browser version of the software. All major dating sites employ this particular system for attracting and retaining millions of customers. After all, it provides the best possible user-experience and presentation, when a dating site is accessed from mobile devices (tablets in particular). SkaDate XI mobile browser version is absolutely free and comes as part of the software.

SkaDate XI Mobile Browser VersionOf course, once your users settle in, the best way for member retention and monetization is to employ mobile applications. SkaDate XI native apps for iOS and Android are easy to use and have a built-in Tinder-like mechanics with location-based search, among other features – an essential part of mobile dating experience in this day and age.

The apps can be run in a default generic form with any SkaDate-powered site, or re-branded and customized for improved monetization. With this release it is also possible to set-up a mobile-only business model for your dating services, no longer relying on the desktop operation (except for the server functions).

SkaDate Mobile Dating Applications

One of the juiciest parts of this release is a complete overhaul of SkaDate’s backend and frontend presentations. The admin panel now looks decidedly like a love child of WordPress and Google – it’s a very familiar, easy to use, and clear representation of all the available tools at your disposal. Long gone are the days of spending hours navigating complex menus!SkaDate XI Dating Software Admin PanelIn the meantime, the flashy frontend gave way to a to-the-point design accepted as a golden standard and used by the top global dating sites. This new template, dubbed by the in-house SkaDate design team Turquoise, will add extra levity and the feeling of professionalism to a dating site of any scale. The template employs brand new custom form elements and parallax effect, making it even more unique. In addition, Turquoise will serve as a default choice when starting a new dating site with SkaDate XI.SkaDate XI Dating Software TemplateFinally, SkaDate XI dating software comes with a variety of minor bugfixes and improvements across the board, as well as major tweaks for optimum performance. This is especially good news for rapidly expanding and larger dating sites, dealing with heavy loads and large member bases.

All in all, SkaDate XI is a prime contender to become the perfect solution not only for traditional online dating startups, but also for growing and even seasoned businesses. To experience all the SkaDate XI dating software has to offer, check out our Demo, or drop us a line to receive additional information.