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About Software Upgrades

About Software Upgrades


by Zima

Ahoy, Skadeters! What the old proverb says is true – mend your sails while the weather is fine. Well, look around, it’s summer, the seas are calm, and the weather seems to be just fine. Hence I think it’s time to start mending for our collective sails, or more specifically – to understanding our updating system. Even though the last major SkaDate Dating Software upgrade went smoothly last October, it is always good to be prepared well ahead of time for the next one.

It is important to understand, that our script is a professional and complicated solution. So, the question many clients have on their minds (why the upgrade cannot be done with just a few clicks) has a rather simple but logical answer. The software allows virtually unlimited custom modification to make your networks satisfy precise audiences and goals. This means that the original code of some clients can arrive to the upgrading checkpoint substantially changed. As such, the jump to the newest version of the software just cannot encompass all possible variations of builds customers have on their hands.

Of course, if you are running a virgin SkaDate installation, the update will be an entirely painless affair. Follow the simple procedures, point your browser to the existing database, and get back to selecting that black old yacht you always wanted. But even if you have implemented a few custom modifications, fear not, with sufficient programming skills you can bring those up to date even without our interference. In any event, though, remember one thing –


That’s right. If something will go wrong (like you forgetting about the one programming skill that can break the software), we are gonna need the backup to make everything all right again. Oh, and there is a way to spare any possible troubles altogether. For a reasonable fee we’ll take care of the whole upgrading shebang in-house. There is also the SkaDateCS with a crew of competent guys who’d be glad to fix everything for you at affordable prices.

The updating procedure itself goes through several stages. First of all, your database must be gradually brought to the latest iteration. It cannot skip several middle revisions, so have patience going step by step up the upgrade ladder. If you decided to have a go at this process on your own, don’t forget to look at the Error Log after each step. Now, to avoid any potential issues in the future, it is essential to fix all the errors on the log immediately. Again, with sufficient skills you can do it independently; or you can just send it to us along with your backup.

Once the database is modified, it’s time for File Merging. This operation will tend for the script components themselves, and tell you which files were merged automatically, and what needs to be tweaked manually with the CSS. This is where we come back to possible complications due to various modifications customers might have made to the initial script. The merging of the PHP files will require additional attention, since we employ an Open Source technology designed specifically to give clients more flexibility while adjusting the SkaDate Dating Script to their needs.

Needless to say, we are constantly working on simplifying this process and making it as quick as possible for our users. As a result we already came up with a special script that automatically adds new files, while rewriting the ones in need of an upgrade, unless they have been modified by the customers. In essence, this greatly minimizes the manual upgrading efforts required from our clients.

So, just how often can you expect a scheduled improvement of SkaDate? Generally, we release a new version “when it’s ready”, which happens roughly once a year. Intermediate builds appear more frequently – about every quarter. What is the difference between the two? I’m glad you asked. The new version of the script is basically a modernized platform (although few companies release a 100%-fresh solution), while an intermediate build is the revision of the old software that includes bug-fixes, new features and sometimes fresh templates.

Well, shiver me timbers, I think this is it! With the treasure of knowledge above I am sure everyone will be ready to embark on the further adventure together, come the next tide of an update. All aboard, my friends. The sails are now ready!


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