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Add More Content to Your Site:Should a Girl Make the First Move?

As a SkaDate Dating Software blogger, I’m frequently asked: “Hey, blogger, what type of content should we put on our sites?” That, my friends, is a very good and important question. Some beginning site owners make a crucial mistake of getting the SkaDate dating script, dressing it up nicely with free dating site templates, turning all the available features on, and then leaving it stuck in the second gear. Don’t do that.

“But, blogger, what else can we really do?” I’m glad you asked. Well, you have to constantly interact with your community to make it bigger, stronger, and ultimately profitable. Think our monthly roundups – those give plenty of interesting information to share or build your original content upon. Tell your members all the latest dating news and gossip, feature success stories and testimonials, give them safety and dating tips. Do it regularly and you’d be amazed at the result. With a few SEO tricks you’ll be picking up new members in no time.

Allow me to give you an example of the type of stuff to give to your users with a guest post by Eric J. Leech, the author of Love, Lust, and Relationships.

Should a Girl Make the First Move?

Add More Content to Your Site: Should a Girl Make the First Move?

She knows how to make the first move.

Almost any guy would tell you that it’s a real shot in his arm, when a woman shows blatant signs of being interested in him. It can be best described as finding a brand-new bicycle under the tree on Christmas morning. He may have wanted it so bad, but dared not say anything, especially since he is now 33 years-old, still living in his mom’s basement, and with no friends other than a couple of acquaintances from dating sites. That bike was a seductress. It was painted red, decked out in sparkles, and even included a rather impressive pair of honkers on the handlebars.

He was exhilarated the first time he took her out on the town. He rode her proudly among all the other boys on the street. Nevertheless, they could see from his carefree attitude, that this new bicycle was given to him without any sacrifice on his part. He would later pop a wheelie, and knock the bike on the ground. Drag it through a thorn patch, splash it over a ditch, ride through a couple cow pies, and then park it next to a trash can, before spending the rest of the day playing inside a leftover cardboard refrigerator box.

The moral of the story, is that anything that is given too easily, will never be appreciated or respected. This is a lesson that most women already know, but it bears repeating. However, this is only one guideline to a very complex set of rules of attraction. According to recent statistics, six percent of women approach men to go out on a first date. Of this six percent, over 60 percent are successful. In other words, over half of those cute guys actually say yes.

Okay, now let’s look at this from a different perspective.

A typical wall-flower who takes on the role as a ‘lady in waiting,’ has only a 33 percent chance of getting a guy. Incidentally, her guy, may or may not be all that cute. Statistics show that for every guy who asks a woman out, only one-third will even be of moderate interest to her. In other words, he may not be a wealthy, gallant knight in a shiny Porsche, but he will at least have a dull, rusty, two-wheel scooter with a backseat, and enough money for a dinner and a movie.

The moral of this story, is that it is sometimes better to make the first move, especially when there is someone, in particular, you would like to go out with. The catch is, you can’t appear desperate, as was the mistake of the woman (bike) in our first story. Here’s what you do…

Indirectly Asking a Guy on a Date

Indirectly asking a guy on a date is an art form that can be accomplished by giving the guy a date idea (or pretending he gave you the idea), and then letting him follow through with it. For instance:

You: “I’m thinking about going to the new alien movie coming out this weekend?”

Him: “That sounds cool.”

You: “Why don’t you come along. It might be scary.”

Him: “Sure, I’ll pick you up at eight.”

Another tactic, is to disguise a date within a mutually beneficial proposition. This might look something like:

You: “They’re giving out free bagels at the sandwich shop on Main Street. They are so good.”

Him: “Really? Where is this bagel place?”

You: “It can be kind of tricky to find. Why don’t I take you this afternoon for lunch?”

Him: “Great! What time do you want to go?”

Perhaps one of the best ways to ask a guy out, is to offer the chance to do something that you know he will enjoy. This will initially appear as a simple courtesy of your good nature, while giving him the chance to further it on his own if he’d like. This goes something like:

You: “I scored two tickets to tomorrows football game.”

Him: “Wow, I’ve been trying to get tickets all week.”

You: “I know. That’s why I got them. Pick me up at six.”

Him: “I’ll pick you up at four, and make sure you’ve got an appetite.”

Of course, I realize these scenarios depict a perfect outcome in a perfect world. However, the point I am trying to make, is that women can successfully ask a man out without becoming that forgotten Christmas bicycle. All you need is a little creativity, and enough guts to make the initial approach.