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Google Adwords for Dating Sites

Google Adwords for Dating Sites


Welcome back to our blog series on SEO and Marketing for sites powered by SkaDate Dating Software. Today we take a look at Google AdWords and answer two of the most frequently asked questions regarding this service:

  • What does Google AdWords do for my site? Is it useful?
  • At what stage should I launch AdWords?

First and most important thing to know about Google AdWords is that the service can help you bring initial traffic to your dating site.  Virtually all webmasters eventually find themselves in a situation when they bought SkaDate Dating Software, setup and rebranded their site, and are ready to greet the first batch of singles looking for their match – but what’s next? Where should those singles come from?

  • SEO is an obvious answer. However, since you are running a brand new site with little-to-no backlinks and content, you just can’t expect significant gains in traffic and new clientele originating from organic search.
  • Email Marketing. Once again, your site is new, which means there is no email database to speak of, while SPAM tactics are illegal in most places; thus it’s not the way out either.
  • SMM and paid promotion in social media. This is actually a great and proven strategy to boost your online dating business popularity. Luckily, we’ve already covered this in prior posts on promotion through social networks, content management, page visualization, and the use of Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Offline Marketing. A lot will depend here on your target location and advertising budget, but most of the time billboards and TV commercials cost quite a penny, and definitely more than online ads. In addition, it’s much more easier to bring ad traffic to your site, when the audience is already on the Internet, rather than watching TV or driving a car.
  • Media and partner promotion – this strategy works good as well, although try to not overspend on views or banner placements. It’s best to employ the following payment tactics: CPC (cost-per-click) or CPA (cost-per-action, where action is when a new user registers on your site).
  • And finally, Google AdWords. We have already mentioned CPC, and AdWords is one of the best and most popular tools for the task. It gives marketers plenty of options, including keyword ads, remarketing, user interests, demographics breakdowns, and more.

A key benefit of Google AdWords is the availability of instant results – you pay money, activate your ads, and immediately start receiving traffic. Compare that to SEO, which is effective, but long and tedious work that requires lots of patience.

Our advice – if you are set on launching online dating business, never skip on Google AdWords!

Things to Keep an Eye On

Always monitor your marketing spending and volume/quality of traffic it brings. In one of the next posts we will talk about web analytics, conversion tracking, and the analysis of effective advertising investment.

We understand that you might have some difficulties deciphering AdWords interface, or don’t know what’s the best way to launch a campaign, or can’t decide how to minimize your CPC. Fear not, if you still want to include Google AdWords in your marketing campaign, and need our assistance, just contact SkaDate Dating Software sales team, and we’ll figure a solution for you.

Good luck with your marketing efforts!


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