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SkaDate Dating Software: Are You ready For Timeline Brand Profile?

by Zima

If you are running a dating site powered by SkaDate dating script, there is a big chance you’ve come across our Facebook page. (If you didn’t, go ahead and visit it, and give us a Like, will you). Now, I have some news for you, if you haven’t heard about it already from somewhere else.

We have only a couple of days left until Fecebook switches Brand Pages to Timeleine format. Needless to say, you don’t want your page to look bland, especially when some of the online dating industry giants have already adopted the format.

SkaDate Dating Software is here to give you an idea of what can be done with a profile page to get your corporate message across and gain a few extra followers along the way. While the countdown to the switch is still on, we decided to compile a slideshow and see how the top stalwarts of the online dating did it. The results might surprise you…