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ASO: iOS 11 Dictates Changes for Your Dating App Store Presence

ASO: iOS 11 Dictates Changes for Your Dating App Store Presence


What’s New?

The release of iOS 11, while celebrated, created a stir in the app optimization field. Quite a few familiar tools and techniques now require tweaking or a complete overhaul to reach best results. Apple seeks to further improve end-user satisfaction by offering only most relevant and exciting apps while cleaning the App Store from spam and junk. The recent change is excellent news – if your app is good, you can count on high positions and rise in downloads. Read on to find out what has changed, and how to optimize your dating app presence in the App Store.

Search Page Redesign

Following the release of iOS 11, the landing page of your app in the store has changed a bit. Right from the top, you can now see the app rating, its position in the main category, and age restrictions. The download button always stays in the same place, so users can reach it even while scrolling through the rest of the app information. This greatly increases the chances of installation.

Tip: Give the app logo more thought. It must be bright and clear in its message. Experimenting with several different logo designs can lead to a lot of new installs.

Add a video

You can now complement your app description with up to 3 app preview videos. They are played automatically, like on a Facebook or Twitter feed. Note that the sound is off by default, so make sure the visual information is sufficient in itself.  

Tip: Add videos to your app description page to increase engagement. Videos attract more attention than pics, so use it to show all potential features and functionality.

More screenshots

In the past you only got two screenshots to showcase all the glory of your apps in the first view. Apple has given us one more screenshot, so let’s use it to our advantage.

Tip: How about making an enticing collage out of the three available placeholders, to turn your images into a full-scale banner? This will make your app stand out.

Less text

The title character limit has shrunk from 50 to 30 symbols (all the way from 250 not long ago). As a trade-off, you now get a subtitle with up to 30 characters, and a promotional text field worth 170 characters.

Tip: Try to come up with a name that includes a keyword in the title. If you can’t, use the subtitle to get your message across shortly and concisely. Use the promotional text to share the news with the visitors, like the release of new features or the launch of special offers. This text will appear at the top of your app description.

In conclusion

Apple is becoming much more flexible with regards to app promotion and optimization. By enhancing store presentation tools, it gives good products a real opportunity to shine. Luckily, SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps are the best when it comes to ready-made solutions for mobile dating business.

We are always ready to help you customize, monetize, and submit your apps to the stores, while also giving you tips for promotion and ASO. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products, services or marketing tips.

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