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The Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding
And now for something completely different. No matter if you are already married, still going out, or only probing the underworld of online dating, there is little chance a minor nuance of a wedding between an accessory buyer and a prince could have escaped your attention last week. In fact, the massive coverage of the Royal Romance was practically unavoidable for anyone living outside the Axis of Evil… Skadate Dating Software development team is no exception. We weren’t there every step of the way, sure, but we were watching. And weeping along, because that’s what people do at weddings…

So here we are, stuffing on the cake leftovers from Prince William’s wedding and contemplating what went wrong with our lives. For instance, last time I checked I was still not a part of the royal family, despite the dashing looks and incredible intelligence. Also, the leftovers are chicken skin and we attended the ceremony mostly via tabloids. But seriously, how does a non-royalty beauty like Kate Middleton gets a date with a Prince (like William)? I’ll take my best guess and say that some online dating was involved here. It’s not like they could have been walking out their horses together (that’s what royalties do, right?)

SkaDate Webpage Redesign: Look, it’s a heart!

Misc, News
  So you’ve noticed the new look of the SkaDate Dating Software webpage, did you? Don’t worry it is all part of the plan. The plan to show you that as a company we constantly move forward and produce the best looking and functioning solution on the market. That and our love for pretty colors…

Five Website Updates No One Asked For

by Zima Let’s face it, people always complain. And they always complain about changes. That’s human nature and arguably there is little that can be done about it, thus most companies tend to simply mitigate the inevitable backlash. But sometimes the doom is just too much of an opportunity for Internet users to pass up.…

Cometchat Promo for SkaDate Software Customers

Addons, Misc, News
Good news for SkaDate Dating Software customers who want to add a Facebook-style chat to their websites. Now you can get one of the Cometchat plans (Professional Edition and higher) with 20% off. The special offer is valid through April 5 to April 12′ 2011. To get your discount, apply the coupon code SK20OFF when…

SkaDate Updates with New features and Themes

Misc, News, Release
The latest update of SkaDate Dating Software includes a few important features and new templates that will give your site an outstanding look. Here are the features and improvements you will find in SkaDate 8.0.2324: Two new themes: Stencil and Heaven These templates will give your website, whether it’s a social network or a traditional…

Online Dating for Happy Singles: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

“If you want to have a successful dating site, learn what your customers want and give it to them.” Being a dating site owner you’ve heard that a thousand times – from all those tips-and-tricks articles, quotes of online dating sharks, and recommendations of the industry experts. And this post is no different. We’re going…

Traditional Online Dating: What’s Ahead?


What’s happened to traditional online dating? Has it changed over years, and does the plain matchmaking conception still look attractive to singles?

Industry giants, such as Facebook, have made a revolution in the way people communicate by adding new ways of self-expression and interaction. Most people want to post, share, comment, discuss…. and date if they happen to like someone. And those, for whom dating is of primary interest, still want to post, share, comment and discuss – all in one place. Developers Wanted

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You’ve probably heard of (learn more) – we are glad to announce this project has leveled up. We’ve made it a public resource, where anyone seeking or offering professional SkaDate customization services can join to work on projects together.

SkaDate Team Goes on New Year Vacation from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3

News, Support

Our sincere congratulations on the Christmas Holidays to all of you guys! May the Holiday Season bring you a great lot of precious moments of joy and happiness. And may the new year become a year of great opportunities, successful endeavors, and only positive events!