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Posts by Zima

SkaDate Progressive Web Apps 2.0 Are Here

We are happy to report that the release of much-anticipated SkaDate Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 2.0 is here! SkaDate PWA is the best mobile solution for business on the market, boasting an impressive list of features, including monetization, Tinder-cards, advanced profiles, search and matching functions, and many more. In addition, PWA technology makes the mobile… Runs a Feature Story About SkaDate

Blog, Interview, a leading online publication covering dating industry, is running a featured story about SkaDate. Our own Zima Sanfilippo sat down with DatingNews’ Editor-in-Chief Hayley Matthews to talk about the progress SkaDate made in recent years, our plans for the future, and the way the company’s vision changed in accordance with new market demands. A…

Entering The Future with Progressive Web Apps

The SkaDate team is happy to report that we are joining the growing number of tech companies that have entered the future of mobile web app development. Starting August 1st we will be offering our clients full PWA experience. PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps and brings along a ton of additional benefits for match-based…