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Dating Site Ideas That Can Get You In Trouble(Or Make You Money)

by Zima We all love that huge Virgin Megastore in the downtown. It’s loud, flashy, and full of people all the time. It also sells all sorts of crappy music just to satisfy every single customer walking in. But secretly, deep down, we prefer spending hours going through vinyls at that small specialized records store…

Good Host: Choosing a Proper Provider

by Zima I think we all went through a stage in our lives, when we bought the biggest available fridge on the market, only to find out later that it will be filled exclusively with canned beer and maybe occasional pizza leftovers. After realizing what is wrong with this picture, we got rid of the…

Help Us Help You (Save Time and Money)

Misc, Support
by Zima Let me say this outright – we know how frustrating it is when instead of your beautiful dating website all you see on the monitor is a blank page, or when a new feature you longed for does not function for some mysterious reason. We’ve all been there before. In our case we’ve…

A Key to Success: Choosing the Right Domain Name

In recent times we have covered things like security features, making money through advertising and choosing correct design approaches while setting up websites. Security, money, design. Check. So, we are set to go then, right? Wrong. Your website might be the Walt Disney Concert Hall of the Internet, and yet one tiny but important detail…

SkaDate Features: Making Money Through Advertising


Making Money with Advertising
Let’s be honest with each other. It is possible that your ultimate goal in running a dating website might be matching the local padre with that goth chick from school coven, but for the rest of us it’s usually all about the money. And that’s OK – there is nothing wrong with making a living by giving the community what it wants.

Now, how exactly we all make a mint is our own business, but in this industry the two surface solutions are subscriptions and advertising. Of course it is important to realize that a startup is not likely to bring a lot of traffic immediately. This means that there should be a carefully planned strategy in place. Some successful independent dating site owners chose running their services for free initially, just to build the customer base and raise recognition. During that time the best way to see any revenue might be through using Google AdSense or any other affiliate programs, as well as employing direct banner advertising.

Avoiding Potential Dangers of Online Dating


Safety first!

Safety first!

Remember the simpler times, when Bruce Willis still had hair and mostly appeared in comedies? Back then the most important question in online dating consisted of only three letters – A/S/L. Once that was out of the way, daters were ultimately on their own, using their best judgment and instincts in steering virtual and real relationships in the right direction.

All that could change pretty soon. Quite possibly, clients of dating services will be forced into answering a growing number of uncomfortable questions about their pasts, revealing Social Security information, and exposing other private data just to get into the game. All supposedly in a good cause.

SkaDate Features: Want Some Salt With It?

by Zima We take password security seriously.We use Salt. A recent attack by the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange against Facebook has got me thinking about privacy and security in our industry, and more specifically in our own SkaDate Dating Software. After all, I bet the hacking incident several month earlier at Plenty of Fish (a…