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Presenting SkaDate Master II Dating Software and Release Discounts Galore

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SkaDate Master II Release Discounts

SkaDate New Version Release

The time has come to unveil the brand new version of our flagship product SkaDate Master. In the last six months we’ve collected a significant amount of feedback, and decided to concentrate the efforts of the development team on combating one of the most persistent issues plaguing the online dating industry in the recent years – Spam.

This way the new version of the acclaimed SkaDate Dating Software retains all the useful elements of the prior versions (over 50 on-site, administrator and user features), but also significantly steps up the game when it comes to dealing with spam.

SkaDate Dating Software: W3C Standards


standardsI’m happy to welcome you in SkaDate Dating Software blog. Autumn is a good time for new ideas, plans and business startups, so it’s an ideal moment to catch your luck by the tail and push a new online dating site. Some have already purchased a SkaDate Dating Script license, and now they work on making their sites professional and competitive on the market. Others still hesitate and research the Internet for advice. Anyway, the information about W3C standards must be interesting to both customers and prospects.

SkaDate Dating Software Roundup: September


DatingHello, everyone! Last months there were no roundups in SkaDate Dating Software blog, but lots of exciting things continue to happen in the world of online dating. Did dating sites find new ways for making matches? How to create an outstanding dating profile? What liberals and conservatives are looking for on dating websites and how online dating changes people? The links below answer all these questions.

SkaDate Dating Software Blog: Funniest Online Dating Stories


online dating catHello, everyone! I am happy that you keep following SkaDate Dating Software blog, and today I will share with you some real-life anecdotes as I promised previously.

It’s always risky meeting someone from an online dating site in person, and I am talking not about physical threat as long as most of the scammers online aren’t people who harm you in the real world. However, there is always a possibility of getting into awkward situations. As practice shows, funny things always happen to ordinary folks, featuring lots of jokes, and online dating is an especially great resource for finding humorous stories.

SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Military Dating


Military datingHello and welcome back to SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101. Fall is an ideal time for launching an online dating business and I am always here to offer you some fresh ideas for new startups.

It’s a well-known fact that any dating site should have a specific concept to catch the attention of potential target audiences up. So, choosing a profitable niche is one of the most crucial steps to do in the beginning of your big adventure. I recommend you to research the Internet carefully as well as to look through the previous SkaDate Dating Software blog posts before making your final decision.

SkaDate Dating Software: Funniest Online Dating Quotes


a.baa-Cat-using-laptopWelcome back to SkaDate Dating Software blog and today I’m happy to introduce you to my new blog series called “Funniest Online Dating Quotes”. When surfing the Internet for dating news, I face many interesting things starting from dating statistics and ending with hilarious stories.

Sometimes it seems to me that the highest density of freaks is concentrated on dating sites: just imagine a girl who asks guys to rank her on a scale “from one to penguin” or a guy having tattoo of a half-naked woman that covers his entire back. Well, online dating stories is a topic for the next week SkaDate Dating Software blog post, but today let us take a look at the best online dating quotes:

SkaDate Dating Software: Twerk Yourself into History


Miley Cyrus twerking We are living in a rapidly changing world, where something amazing, awful or bizarre happens every day. For this reason, the one who wants to compete and succeed must always stay tuned and be flexible nowadays. To be honest, I’m happy to see outwards things the way they are, since I always have news to cover in SkaDate Dating Software blog.

Last week the Internet was overwhelmed by the hot discussions of Miley Cyrus’ Video Music Awards performance. The twenty-year-old pop star sang her hit single “We can’t stop” with a dance group of giant bears and after that she performed a twerking dance with Robin Thicke. Soon their show became one of the most talked-about topics in social networks and the whole Internet space.

SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Biker Dating


biker datingThe summer came to an end and for many people it’s time to come back to their universities and work places after having holidays. Everyone returns to usual activities or starts something very new. Isn’t it a perfect moment to start a new business, which is going to bring you considerable profits in the near future? Dating business is one of the most lucrative and popular ones, and dating industry continues to grow every year.

Creating your own dating site is a great idea for a new business, especially with SkaDate Dating Script – the most powerful dating software on today’s dating market. For those, who have already grabbed the bull by the horns and have purchased a SkaDate Dating Software license, there are some useful tips.

SkaDate Dating Software: Online Dating Safety


online dating safetyApart for their primary function, online dating sites offer a lot of fun. That is why they are so widespread and popular. A lot of new websites appear every day and significant part of them are powered by SkaDate Dating Software. It’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs choose SkaDate Dating Script as long as it provides users with all types of entertaining features starting from virtual gifts and ending with online games.

Unfortunately, except for having fun, online dating sites are frequently associated with user safety threads. I often read scary stories about people, who faced deception or even direct abuse on dating sites.

SkaDate Dating Software: TOP 5 Funniest Online Dating Profiles


skadate dating software funniest dating profilesHello, guys! In previous SkaDate Dating Software blog posts, I have covered a lot of pretty serious stuff starting from Search Engine Optimization strategies and ending with Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. We worked a lot, but there is a time to take a short break and have fun. So, today I want to share with you some entertaining things, related to dating sites, I found in the Internet.

You know, I spend a lot of time, surfing the Internet for news, blogs and forums, related to dating or dating business. Today I have selected TOP 5 funniest online dating profiles for you. Let’s take a look at them (pictures are clickable).