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Benefits of Having Several Payment Providers

Benefits of Having Several Payment Providers


by Zima

Benefits of Having Several Payment ProvidersWhen you start online dating business, one of the first things to note is the availability of various payment service providers (PSPs). This is important because the more choices your clients have, the more streamlined your operation becomes. You’d want to make sure that potential members of your community don’t have to waste time when it comes to making payments. All they should do is select a preferred payment method and transfer the money. SkaDate Dating Software comes with a few integrated options.

At the moment SkaDate 8 supports PayPal, SecurePay Network, CCBill, Authorize.Net, NMI, Virtual Card Service, IcePay and iTelebill. As you can see, SkaDate dating script works with many of the most popular services, which is very convenient both for network owners and their members. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having several payment providers on hand.

Obviously, the biggest PSP around is PayPal. Many banks even automatically link PayPal accounts to holders’ credit cards or allow making direct transactions from the card without opening a PayPal account. In addition, a PayPal account can be funded from a variety of sources, and if one of them gets depleted, a hierarchy system will turn on the next feasible option.

Essentially, PayPal is considered a very secure and advanced way for online transactions, and the service is currently available in 190 markets (24 currencies worldwide). Why do we need alternative PSPs than? Well, despite the great market penetration, PayPal is still not available everywhere (like Egypt for instance), and in some key territories (say India or Japan) the service is limited by local legislation. Moreover, some of the country-bound PSPs are often more popular than the global ones.

For example, one of the preferred Internet transaction carriers in Netherlands is iDEAL, with almost 70 million transfers made last year alone. It is considered one of the most advantageous PSPs for e-merchants. To accommodate them we have integrated ICEPAY, which combines the services of iDEAL, PayPal, and many other providers. A number of services integrated with SkaDate operate on the same level.

There is also one other important reason for adding more PSPs to your collection. Many payment services, including PayPal, do not work with websites featuring adult content. And since the definition of adult content is not always properly spelled out, the entire operation can be at risk even if you think that your World of Warcraft Bikini Portal is perfectly SFW. (Note that PayPal does accept transactions for tangible adult goods like DVDs, but pay sites, unfortunately, are off limits).

There is a solution, however, and it’s also integrated in the SkaDate. CCBill, is one of the oldest Internet billing companies that offers its services to adult content website owners among other e-merchants. You can say that CCBill is quite popular, since it is estimated that the company makes more than a billion dollars annually.

But traditional PSPs are not the only solution on offer. SMS billing is becoming increasingly popular too, due to the general go-mobile movement. In some territories, especially where online banking is fairly new, mobile payments actually eclipse online transactions. These services, like iTelebill, are also represented in SkaDate 8.

In general, PSPs allow to establish a connection to multiple payment networks, and then take care of all of the technicalities, so that users don’t have to deal with different financial institutions directly. SkaDate’s lineup represents top global services that cover most of potential markets, as well as most needs of online dating site owners.

Nevertheless, sometimes we are asked to add even more obscure PSPs to the list. We can do this too, although for a fee, which will depend on the popularity and the available application programming interface (API) of a chosen service provider. Overall, however, this extra step is not really necessary, since the already integrated PSPs are more then enough for running a successful international dating business.

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