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Benefits of Various Dating Site Formats

by Zima

Benefits of Various Dating Site Formats

Something tells me her choice wont be Religious Dating.

A few weeks ago we launched a poll, asking SkaDate Dating Software owners what kind of free dating site templates they want to see next. The first results are in and we are still attentively listening to all of the suggestions sent our way.

Interestingly, a few users took this opportunity to ask us back about the benefits of each proposed format – Traditional Dating Site, Social Networking Site, Adult Dating Site and Religious Dating Site, all of which can be powered by the SkaDate dating script. Rather than answering individually, I decided to put my thoughts on the matter into a single blog post.

Traditional Dating Sites

Let’s cut to the chase and admit it – online dating sites are growing like mushrooms all over the place for one simple reason – people are more than willing to spend their hard earned cash on Internet romances. The business is still booming and there are no sing of slowing down.

There are literally millions of people out there in need of a partner. Singles like that look for very specific things online. Namely, fast, safe, comfortable and effective ways to meet their potential matches. Someone has to satisfy these demands. A traditional dating site within a unique niche will do just that.  Several monetization options applicable for traditional dating sites (or rather most dating sites) have been described previously on this blog (Turn It Into Cash, Making Money Through Advertising).

Social Networking Sites

It is true that the stigma of online dating is mostly gone these days, but some people still prefer not to get involved in the whole Internet love thingy. They, however, still need all the benefits of online social interaction, such as keeping in touch with other like-minded people. The range is enormous here –  from Law and Order SVU fans to Paula Abdul haters to anti-death penalty activists.

And yes, Facebook is still around. But you wouldn’t believe how many people really want to replace (or at least supplement) the cold and noisy social networking king with a comfortable and more personal community site.

Sure, there are not as many obvious monetization options here (with paying memberships pretty much out of the question), but SkaDate dating software still offers a few ways to make money. For instance, with User Credits subscribers can promote their profiles, buy Virtual Gifts for each other, or get the ability to send unlimited messages to community members, among other things.

Adult Dating Sites

The core difference between traditional and adult dating sites is obviously in more revealing user content and experience. Sex sells, it’s that simple, so those who don’t want any restraints in their online relationship will clearly opt for some adult interaction.

I think I wont surprise anyone by saying that adult dating sites are perfect for heavy monetization. Virtually every feature or service can have a price tag,  and visitors will still gladly pay the price – it’s human nature. After all, adult dating sites are only one word removed from… adult sites. And, according to one study, those generate over three thousand dollars every second (of course, as with everything in the adult entertainment, this number may be a bit exaggerated).

Religious Dating Sites

On the other side of the spectrum we have religious dating sites. Being of the What-It-Says-On-The-Tin variety, they cater specifically to communities usually based around one faith. This is understandable. There are certain limitations and traditions concerning dating and relationships in every religion. If said concepts are taken seriously, than other dating site options may no longer be viable.

It is also a matter of comfort. Rather than scanning through thousands of profiles on generic sites, looking for an appropriate combination, it’s always better to know that the entire community supports your beliefs, understands your aspirations, and is friendly towards the requirements of your faith.

And while dating giants like frequently steal the mainstream media spotlight, sites like Muslima, ChristianCafe or JDate represent the category of the fastest growing dating businesses around.

Take your pick!