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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Visualize Your Site!

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by Alina Hello, dear SkaDate Dating Software blog readers! I call November a month with a mood for love. Just look around – the days are shorter, the chilly mornings are perfect for coffee and blankets, while the afternoons are warm enough for romantic long walks and “Sweet November” back at home.  Meanwhile, Internet gets flooded…

SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Social Media Strategy for Your Site

Due to the popular demand, the team behind SkaDate dating script is happy to share several very helpful tips on the vital topic of online dating site promotion. In this particular installment we’ll talk about social media tools, as they are perfect for building client loyalty, as well as connecting current and attracting new customers…

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: PageRank

Marketing, Misc

PagerankWelcome back to SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips series and today we will take a look at Google PageRank. It is often referred as PR, but don’t confuse this acronym with Public Relations.

Google PageRank is one of the tools Google uses to define the level of site page’s relevance, importance and reputation. The pages, receiving higher PageRank are more likely to be ranked higher in search results. PageRank grades from 0-10 (the higher, the better) and is based on backlinks. For instance, Microsoft and Yahoo! have PageRank 9, and Google has PR10.

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Submitting your URL and Sitemap

Marketing, Misc

seo_target480x300-480x260 Let’s review all the steps you were supposed to do for your site Search Engine Optimization. Hope that you have read all SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips carefully and successfully applied the theory to practice. Now, you have chosen relevant keywords for your site, have inserted meta tags into your web page source code, and probably have launched Pay Per Click advertising campaign (in case, if you found it appropriate for your business). Now your site is ready to be indexed by search engines. The final step you can do is submitting your dating site to search databases.

SkaDate Dating Software Promotion Tips: SEO vs PPC

Marketing, Misc

skadate dating software seo vs ppcPreviously we have covered SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategies. Both of them are effective for promotion of your dating site, powered by SkaDate Dating Software, but each strategy has its own pros and cons. Let us take a closer look at differences between them.

SkaDate Dating Software Promotion Tips: Pay Per Click Advertising

Marketing, Misc

pay per clickWelcome back to SkaDate Dating Software SEO and Promotion Tips series, we continue giving you suggestions regarding your dating site promotion.

Search Engine Optimization unifies number of tools and techniques; and these efforts taken all together lead you to the top positions in search results. Optimizing site’s content, choosing and placing right keywords and other methods generate traffic, which is is called “organic” or “natural”. But in today’s post we will talk a little bit about paid web traffic, generated by PPC advertising.

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Essential DOs and DON’Ts

Marketing, Misc

SEO dos-and-donts from SkaDate Dating Software Hello, everyone! SkaDate Dating Software continues sharing with you SEO tips: hope, you have already chosen appropriate keywords for your dating site and have inserted meta tags into your web page source code. If you didn’t, take a look at previous posts, there is a detailed explanation of the whole process there. In todays post I want you to pay attention to some things you should and should not do for better site promotion.

SkaDate Dating Software SEO Tips: Meta Tags

Marketing, Misc

Once you have created a list of relevant keywords and keyword phrases for your dating site, powered by SkaDate Dating Software, you can move to the next step. It’s time to use these keywords effectively for your site’s promotion.

First thing you need to do is to insert meta-tags into your web page source code at the head of the document between the head tags. Meta-tags are HTML or XHTML elements, which help search engine bots to understand what your site is about and index it according to your webpage content. Title meta tag and meta-description tag are displayed in search results and visible for users, so make them not only full of keywords, but also readable and easily understandable.

SEO Tips From Skadate Dating Software: Keyword Research Tools, part II

Marketing, Misc

In previous post I have told you about how to choose best keywords for your dating website, powered by SkaDate Dating Script, in order to make it ranked higher in search engines. We covered only one-side of the whole keyword choosing strategy, which is based on your vision and expectations. This approach is definitely not bad, but obviously insufficient for effective SEO.

Today I want to share with you some keyword research tools: they will give you more ideas for choosing new keywords based on statistics and facts. Using both strategies at the same time, you will have a more or less detailed picture of what traffic result to anticipate from the keywords chosen by you.

SEO Tips from SkaDate Dating Software: Choosing keywords, part I

Marketing, Misc

When you have purchased SkaDate Dating Script for starting online dating business, defined your website conception, chosen a relevant domain name and beautiful design, the next important issue is how to make people know about your network. The most apparent and logical answer is “through search engines!” It’s not a secret that your online venture success mostly determined by its ranking position in search results. Top positions lead to high traffic, tons of advertisers and considerable income. So you should do your best to make your site search-engine-friendly by addressing tools and methods of Search Engine Optimization.