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SkaDate Dating Software: How to make your website a profitable venture

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Dating business has been gaining an enormous popularity for years and had definitely reached the level where we can speak about touch competition and huge earnings. So, the main issue of concern for dating site owners is how to fight the competition with less costs and in a shorter time period.
With a great amount of features provided by SkaDate Dating Software, dating site owners have numerous tools for obtaining the major objective of every businessman – financial profit from strategic efforts.

SkaDate Dating Software: Dating Site Monetization Tips

Marketing, Misc

A lot of people nowadays are thinking about starting dating business with SkaDate Dating Software for different reasons: some of them are dreaming about passive income by means of the Internet, others don’t put money as a primary need, they just want to try something new and get a new experience.

Anyway, SkaDate Dating Software is not just a simple pack of features that allows you to create gorgeous dating websites, but is an efficient dating business solution. Needless to say that in the very beginning it’s necessary to put some effort into your startup and make it work for you. Take a look at our promotion and SEO tips and try to apply them in practice as efficient as it’s possible.

SkaDate Dating Software Niches 101: Dating for Apple Fans


More and more people are thinking about starting their own online dating business, but they don’t know the first steps to take. Well, the first and the most important step is to choose a qualified and reliable dating software. SkaDate Dating Software is an optimal choice since it allows you to get a full-package at a one time fee, including free installation and free support forum. New version, released in the beginning of spring 2013 is remarkable for its optimized performance and increased spam control as well as for huge variety of new features, so it’s hard to find better solution for your startup.

When you already have a SkaDate Dating Software package in your pocket, it’s time to learn the SEO and promotion methods very precisely. Check our blog archive for promotion tips, all the information is highly focused on dating industry and presented in a simple and understandable way.


Marketing, Misc

Couple of weeks ago, SkaDate Dating Software has already shared with you some tips concerning dating websites promotion. Hope that you have learned the lesson and applied those techniques in practice. Probably you was creative enough to invent your own promotional ways – that’s great, but I want you to be warned about some risks. Today I will tell you about things you should never do if you don’t want people to turn off your site.

Don’t try to fool search engines. If it seems that you found a genial way to cheat search engines and generate a high traffic with no or little effort, don’t delude yourself. First, search engine robots are complicated mechanisms and they have are a lot of criteria to determine whether your website is good enough to be high-ranked. Even if your “innovative” way works for some time, finally it will be banned from organic search for a long period or forever. I’m not kidding, there is almost no way back, if you get into black list.

SkaDate Dating Software Tips: 7 tips to promote your dating website

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It’s a middle of spring and I hope that not only flowers but your business initiatives are also blooming up. If they still don’t, it’s a perfect moment to buy a newest version of SkaDate Dating Software and create a prosperous dating website. It should be really easy with such a powerful tool and our promotion tips at your disposal.
Well, there are several basic things to do in order to make a search engine friendly website and generate a high traffic.

1. Hosting. Care about fast and reputable hosting provider for your dating site since search engines evaluate a load speed to decide if the site is worthy and effective enough. Please, take a note that not all hosting providers are equally compatible with our software. If you are not sure about hosting company to choose, take a look at this list of recommended hosting providers that are known to work well with SkaDate

SkaDate Dating Software Hot Summer Deals: Last Call and Additional Discounts

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SkaDate Dating Software Hot Summer Deals: Last Call and Additional Discounts
Last chance to benefit from our Hot Summer Deals campaign!

Join the club!

We are happy to report, that the limited offer campaign has been extended by a whole another day!

You now have time until Wednesday to save $200 and purchase the bundle of SkaDate 9 and SkaDate Mobile Edition at an amazing price of just $350 (35% off, value $550). Keep an eye on the timer on the homepage and don’t miss this great opportunity.

But wait, there’s more!

Following the launch of the promo campaign we have received numerous requests from our clients who have already purchased SkaDate Dating Software sans Mobile Edition, asking us to somehow include them in the promo campaign as well.

We have a solution!

For just three days (until the end of the Hot Summer Deals campaign), we will be running an additional discount offer. Use this chance to buy your copy of SkaDate Mobile Edition for $100 – just a half of the actual price!

Dating Script Templates: Color Tips

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When you own an online community or dating site, you know that you never have a second chance to make first impression. Your web site design is just as important as its domain and conception. A carefully chosen template can create the right atmosphere, and put your site members in the right mood – flirty, or cheerful and ready-to-make-friends.

Did you know that a template color can greatly influence the way visitors feel about your site? There is a whole division in marketing that studies color influence on potential customers’ behavior, which can help you increase sales/attract more members to your site. In order to get the best of your dating/social networking site template, make sure it meets the color marketing principles given below.

Colors, and messages they communicate.

Build Your Members Database: 5 Great Tips

Marketing, Misc
Whether or not your site is successful is determined by how populated it is. Your site members are a source of subscriptions, and are exactly what paying advertisers are always after. The main question is how to build a members database? How to encourage people to sign up for your services when there is so…