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Celebrate Holidays with SkaDate Dating Software Discounts

Well, it’s that time of year again, and holidays cheer is just around the corner. What better way to get into the celebration spirit than with a whole bunch of special holidays discounts*?

Ho ho ho, everyone; for a limited time, say, until Christmas or so, we’ll drop prices for our most popular products –

  • 25% off SkaDate Dating Software (save $100) 
  • 30% off SkaDate Mobile Apps (save $60)
  • 35% off SkaDate Dating Profile Database** (save  $150)

Place your order now, or contact live sale operators to learn more about the offer.

That’s right, starting your own online dating business just became even more affordable, and that’s  holiday magic for you.  Think about it – you are now just a few clicks away from running your very own successful dating site!

In our recession-proof industry SkaDate is still the leader among script makers, as evidenced by the recent fourth consecutive iDate nomination in the category of Best Dating Software Provider. (Vote for us, if you want to see us win this year).

We’ve got huge plans for 2014. After gathering client feedback for the entire year, we believe we are ready to make a huge leap forward; of course, together with our loyal customers. Exciting times are coming, and we hope you’ll join us during these amazing times.

Happy holidays, everyone!

*SkaDate Limited Holiday Offer does not apply to any other offers or packages
** Applies to specific dating profiles package (90.000 Elite Dating Profiles)