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Choose The Next Free Dating Site Template

Choose The Next Free Dating Site Template

One of the key reasons for the popularity of SkaDate Dating Software is the availability of various free dating site templates, in addition to the option of ordering unique custom-made themes. For years we’ve been giving clients what we thought was the best representation of current design trends.

That, however, is about to change. We want to put you in charge of deciding what’s Hot and what’s Not. As part of our continuous effort in improving client feedback, we decided to introduce basic polls, which will show the real demand for specific graphical elements.

As you might have noticed, we produce a couple of new free templates approximately every six months. The last two (Nite Bluez and Day Bluez) were bundled together in the most recent SkaDate Dating Script revision, and are already considered quite popular. Still, wouldn’t it be great if the next batch of free templates was created with the input from the very people who actively use them?

That’s where our new Polls come into play. For the convenience of our customers we put them in a sidebar right along with the free themes displayed on the Templates Page. In addition to writing a specific suggestion, visitors can choose the preferred color palette and template format (Traditional Dating Site, Social Dating Site, Adult Dating Site, or Religious Dating Site). When the time comes to release the new free template selection, we will know exactly what design direction to take.

Tell us what you think and don’t forget to take the poll.