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SkaDate Tips: Choosing a Dating Script and Templates

When it comes to running a successful dating site, the proper choice of a dating script and templates will make or break your business. Here’s the list of things to keep an eye on

In previous posts, we already discussed the importance of design for your site powered by SkaDate dating script, the ways to pick the best niche for your project, as well as marketing options at your disposal. But the remaining key question is – how to choose a dating script and templates to start your online dating business?

In essence, your choice comes down to buying dating software with ready dating templates or developing one from scratch.

Unless you have a big budget to spend, we recommend the first option. Otherwise, you will end up with a reality of wasting many weeks (often months) coding, designing, editing, finalizing and maintaining an acceptable website. In terms of money, even the initial design stage of such a project will come with a price tag starting at around $3.000.

If you are a mid-level start-up, it’s infinitely better to get a solution like SkaDate dating software with several premium templates already included. Even if you need to change something or add new graphic elements later, it will still be easier and less costly than working on a site from scratch.

Here are several things to keep in mind while looking at dating scripts and templates before the purchase.

Mobile Readiness 

The ability to access internet on-the-go is such a staple of our everyday lives that we take it for granted.  Everyone has a smartphone and use it without hesitation for shopping, socializing and dating among other things. Indeed, your site must look good on a mobile device if you want to succeed in the industry. The simple solution that comes to mind is just to make your dating site scale down to a phone screen – problem solved. Right?

Not so fast. The reality of online dating is that for the most part your users still need a desktop website for any meaningful relationship building. The restriction of a smaller screen is the last thing to worry about when you are moving around. In fact, people opting exclusively for smartphone interactions look for fewer options and quicker results. Tinder, anyone? Exactly. That is why SkaDate Dating Software offers proper native mobile app companions for your site.

However, by their nature, apps like Tinder mostly provide hook-up environments. Real dating, when you are looking for long-term romance is much more than that. And guess what? People are still bound to their desktop computers at home and work, and that is where most significant online dating interactions happen. Even the Tinder above (a flagship of mobile dating revolution) recently announced an expansion move towards desktop browsers.

Nevertheless, you, like an online dating business owner must cover all bases. When you have a decent dating site for desktop interactions, and mobile apps for their abridged version, the next step is to offer a possibility to mimic the desktop on mobile. The best way to do so in dating is a dedicated mobile browser version. This way you get most of the functions of a proper dating site but without the hurdle of scaling it down and cluttering the design elements. If you want the coveted mobile traffic, make sure you get both – the apps and the mobile version.

Settings Opportunities


The main benefit of an online dating software like SkaDate is that it comes as a turnkey solution. Here you have several pre-installed dating templates, and your site is ready to go right after the installation. But to make it unique and correspond to a particular vision, you need the ability to tweak it around with some advanced settings. With a turn-key dating script, you get this freedom of actions. 

SEO Friendliness

Never underestimate the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when choosing dating script and templates. We’ve talked about it many times before, but in short – your site is useless if you are not able to bring new traffic over. The first step towards this goal is to make your site as visible as possible for search engines like Google. You can do this with SEO tools, but your site and chosen template must be flexible to allow said optimization.

Visual Appeal 

Getting down to dating templates specifically, the theme you choose will be the showcase of your entire business. Needless to say, it must look good, making the all-important first impression on the visitor. When you are done defining your key audience and niche, SkaDate lets you choose an appropriate template from our extensive premium design collection. Later on, you may even order design modification to tweak it further, if you feel the need to make the look and feel even more unique.

Tech Support


Purchasing dating software and choosing a dating template is important, but that might be the easiest part of launching your business. Immediately after you need to set up all services you want to offer to the visitors, configure feature options, change logos or design colors, etc. In short, you’ll need friendly and professional support to assist you (or do everything for you).

Support is such a vital part of your success that you should be entirely sure the service offered with the chosen dating script will be able to handle all of your requests competently. If you feel hesitant before purchasing a solution, it’s a good sign to double check again and talk to the team before the commitment.

In Conclusion

When it comes to positioning and promotion of an online dating site, the proper choice of a dating script and template will make or break your business. You might go cheap to save money in short term, but without good-quality support, template options, flexible mobile solutions, etc., you’ll just lose time and will have to start again.

Our advice is to carefully consider all available options, try software demos, check feature options, request a personal trial with a walk-through guide, and talk to live operators to see how competent they are in assisting you. In the end, you must have a much better understanding of what script and template option is ideal specifically for you.