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Choosing Dating Script II: 5 Things That Make a Big Deal

Let’s imagine you have already looked through a heap of dating software reviews, visited a number of vendors’ sites and narrowed your options down to a couple of noteworthy community/dating script providers. Here is what you should pay attention to when comparing software solutions to power your online dating site:

1. How long the dating software vendor has been in the market. This aspect is important because:
– The company with a long business history deserves some trust credit, because that it lasts in the competitive software market means that there is some demand for their product.
– New developed dating software is usually not even half as stable, robust and user-friendly as the one that has been polished up for years.
– A time-tested dating/community script will have a significantly larger support community, more plugins and add-ons developed for it.

2. Access to the software source code provided by the dating/community script vendor. An open source code means:
– Nearly unlimited possibilities for customization, and free branding removal. Just make sure that it is 100% open, and has no licensed or encrypted files.
– Complete data ownership. You won’t need to worry about what will happen if your dating software provider goes bankrupt, or simply abandons the product you are using for other business goals.
– Freedom from customization and support rates of the script vendor. A 100% open source code allows you to refer to any third-party programmer for assistance.

3. Participation in exhibitions and conferences, awards and other signs of recognition. If a software company participated in an industry-related exhibition, won a nomination, or its representative was assigned to speak at the conference – that should tell you something. This means that the software is reliable, the company is legitimate, and is recognized in the world of business.

4. Dating software provider’s guarantee for free bug fixing. That’s important, because shows whether the vendor is ready to take responsibility for the product, or just wants to leave it on your shoulders.

5. Portfolio of the sites powered by the community software of your choice. One live evidence is worth a thousand words. Check the web sites built on the platform you are considering for your project, even if they are added to be nothing more than a testimonial. Register a profile, check the features, look through all pages to have an idea of what your future site will look like.

All those little things mean a big deal, because they indicate how trustworthy this or that dating script is. In other words, they are a guarantee to stability of your future online dating business.