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Dating Facts & Stats review by SkaDate Dating Software

Dating Facts & Stats review by SkaDate Dating Software


Not so many people realize, but statistics plays a crucial role in our life and especially business. Being armed with knowledge, you are most likely to make a right decision: for instance, if you know people’s expectations, you can offer them the most demanded services right in time. SkaDate Dating Software helps you as our prospects and customers in every aspect – both providing you with statistics and excellent SkaDate admin and user features. Welcome back to our monthly column “Facts & Stats”, but don’t take it as an ultimate truth: remember that statistics can never be generalized to the entire world population, it just emphasizes common trends.

  • 55% dating sites users consider “about me” as the most important section when surfing the Internet and looking for a potential mate, 45% first and foremost pay attention to profile pictures. Further significant factors are the geographic location and the age.
  • Women prefer men with a solid income, while men tend to favor beautiful women. Therefore women who set an attractive profile picture and men who say that their salary is higher than average receive twice more messages than those who don’t.
  • The most repelling factors in online dating are political and religious views, bad habits like drinking and smoking, nationality and children.
  • Users may miss their true love because grammar and punctuation errors: poor grammar in profile information and further messaging turns off potential partners.
  • 3 seconds after meeting is enough time for people to decide whether they are attracted to other or not.
  • 100 million people in USA are still not married.
  • Studies showed that people prefer Italian restaurants on the first date. So, it may be a good idea to place an advertisement of Italian cafeteria on your dating site, powered by SkaDate Dating Software.
  • Some researches stay that 3 dates are enough for men to fall in love, but women need at least 14 dates to loose their hearts.
  • Couples tend not only date but break up online as well: almost half of respondents said that they used to part with their partners by sending a message via the Internet.
  • Women talking about marriage a lot make men afraid and escape as soon as possible.
  • Two the most repelling and widespread mistakes people make on the first date are: talking too much about themselves or their ex partners & being late and making their date partner waiting.
  • Approximately 20 million Internet surfers worldwide visit online dating sites at least once a month. The potential target audience seems to be impressive.
  • The longer and more informative the first message, the higher the chance of positive feedback. Messages like “hi”, “hello” and “what’s up?” are mostly ignored.
  • One third women devote more time to shopping than looking for a potential lover.

Hope that these facts were not only entertaining but also paid your attention to some obvious things that go without saying and because of that are often neglected. If you have a dating website and have researched your target group, you are welcome to share collected data in comments. If you don’t, then it’s a perfect time to buy a SkaDate Dating Software license and start your own online dating business, being aware about general dating tendencies. 

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