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Dating Site Ideas That Can Get You In Trouble(Or Make You Money)

by Zima

We all love that huge Virgin Megastore in the downtown. It’s loud, flashy, and full of people all the time. It also sells all sorts of crappy music just to satisfy every single customer walking in. But secretly, deep down, we prefer spending hours going through vinyls at that small specialized records store on the corner. We feel right at home there – the mood is just right, the music is wonderful, and shoppers know each other. See, that’s an example of a perfectly found niche. Ideally, the same should apply to online dating. The colorful is the Virgin Megastore, and your dimly lit ShopMegaVirgins.Com is the store on the corner. Wait, what?

Here I give you five dating site ideas that seem to be asking for nothing but trouble if applied to real life. But amazingly their carefully chosen specializations truly work miracles money-wise.

5. Blind Dating Prisoners

There are many people out there who, for various reasons, choose to go down the shaky path of dating inmates. Hell, one of the major plot points of the most recent Desperate Housewives season dealt directly with this. See how that worked out for everyone? (Hint – a suicide, an attempted murder, and an arrest of Terry Hatcher). Still, who am I to judge? People can date whomever they want. The situation changes somewhat when you are specifically told that you won’t be getting any info on your chosen mate’s convictions. Unless you pay. Oh, the excitement! Just like the lottery (or Russian roulette).

But that’s the exact premise of the menacingly named Women Behind Bars. I am sure that there are plenty of nice gals in prisons waiting to meet that one special… you. Yet, the annoying penitentiary system makes it hard for everyone, and the niche seems to be under-served. That’s where the aforementioned service steps in. It helps clients in overcoming difficulties of starting a virtual relationship. And just as an added bonus – you can learn about convictions just for additional 3 bucks!

4. Using Drugs in a Company

Look, everyone wants to get high sometimes. Except for us that is, because we are too busy improving SkaDate Dating Script all the time. Anyway, it might be not the best idea to approach a person you’d like to date with a question of whether they want to get stoned together. Might work if you are a college student or cancer patient, but even then it’s A) not legal and B) not classy.

And yet it works perfectly on-line. 420Dating caters specifically to the people who are looking for a partner to share a joint and then raid all the fridges in the vicinity. Also, there is the added excitement of bending the law somewhat. On the down side, the site’s disclaimer says that the network does not advocate the use of any illegal substances. It’s like getting invited to a WWF after-party and then learning that Vince McMahon isn’t really into violence and entertainment. Oh well, I guess we weren’t there for the talking anyway.

3. Opening up with a Disease Confession

You know it might be a bad idea to tell your date that you have gonorrhea while picking them up for a romantic dinner. It just might spoil the surprise and a potential adventure later on. I am sure discussing genital warts is fun for many people, but in general that type of thing is usually reserved for a medical office. Or a specialty website.

That website is STDFriends. Let’s face it, a sizable part of the population suffers from various types of venereal infections. That does not mean it should be written off completely by the rest of the lucky ones. However, if a person still fears the perceived hostility of the “healthy” society, they’ll find themselves right at home at a network inhabited by like-minded people, ready to listen and share in a comfortable atmosphere.

2. Acting Like a Baby

And this is where we cross over to the bizarre. Have you ever had that crazy moment during your first romantic outing, when you accidentally call your date… mom? No? Me neither… How about revealing that you wear a real baby diaper instead of the posh Hugo Boss underpants? Never happened to you? What seems like the stuff dating nightmares are made of, is actually a pretty big thing right now. Right after the furries and that stuff about stomping cockroaches I keep hearing about.

In this day and age when no fetish is wasted it is still somewhat difficult to find the perfect company to satisfy your exact fantasy. Not on-line, though. Daily Diapers is the site designed specifically for the lovers of baby-parent role playing. And honestly? I’m glad adult babies and diaper enthusiasts have their own corner of the Internet to hang out. Just imagine that thing breaking out into mainstream! Um, thanks, but no. A grownup wearing diapers might be considered cute in theory, but I still do not want to know what is actually going on down there. (And now that thought will stuck in your head for a while. Welcome.)

1. Alienating The Ugly

Juliette Lewis

It must be hard to be beautiful. I’m not talking about “nice-looking” or “pretty”. I’m referring to Brad-Pitt-beautiful. These people must look around and think they have landed on Mars or something. Look at whom Pitt dated in his life – Robin Givens, Jill Schoelen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and of course… Juliette Lewis (although she was 16, so that might explain it). The point is – if he is ever done with Angelina, it must be incredibly hard for him to find a suitable match in line with the raised expectations.

But there is a way out. The proud tag line of Darwin Dating is “Online Dating Minus Ugly People”. See, that should give hope to all Brad-aspirers out there, but the community will obviously lack a Zuckerberg or Gates (the jury is still out on Jobs). While the idea behind this network seems treading suspiciously close to that one Aryan ideology, the targeting drive is precise and clever. No one will openly admit being ugly. Well, maybe Amy Winehouse. But God bless the Internet, she has a few other available options. Maybe even from this very list.

Side Note

Notice how Japanese websites are conspicuously missing from this list? That’s because I am merciful, and writing about Japan is like completing a thesis about the extraterrestrial life. I’m sure they have all sorts of weird online matching services for every possible deviation. Nevertheless, one day, when SkaDate Dating Software is big in Japan, I promise to dedicate an entire post just to that one amazing country.

Now, essentially we do not urge you to go to the extremes described in this post. They are merely the examples of carefully selected niches. You see, our industry is rapidly growing and unless you have lots of spare change to go head to head with the big boys on the market, the best way to profitability might be to choose a specific group to supply its demand. A network for recent mommies? Jellyfish-sting victims? How about failed actors? The possibilities are limitless.