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SkaDate Dating Software: Dating Site Monetization Tips

SkaDate Dating Software: Dating Site Monetization Tips

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A lot of people nowadays are thinking about starting dating business with SkaDate Dating Software for different reasons: some of them are dreaming about passive income by means of the Internet, others don’t put money as a primary need, they just want to try something new and get a new experience.

Anyway, SkaDate Dating Software is not just a simple pack of features that allows you to create  gorgeous dating websites, but is an efficient dating business solution. Needless to say that in the very beginning it’s necessary to put some effort into your startup and make it work for you. Take a look at our promotion and SEO tips and try to apply them in practice as efficient as it’s possible.

Before turning to monetization of your site, get sure that its design is beautiful enough as long as it is a very important factor for visitors. When you meet a new person in real life, it takes several seconds to understand whether you like this person and want to continue communication or not. The same happens when new users enter your website; if it looks cool and easy to use, they stay and return more and more. Otherwise, you just loose your customers. So, choose a stylish and professional template from our Premium SkaDate Dating and Social Networking Site Templates.

Well, when your dating site starts to get popularity, it brings you money. Here are some tips on dating site monetization from SkaDate Dating Software:

  • Use Membership Management Feature. Charge a regular fee for having access to “Membership only” area, customize memberships types, prices and subscription periods. That is not only a way to make people feel privileged, but also a good protection from abusive dating site users and just scammers. They would prefer free dating sites.
  • Credit system. You may use it as an alternative to membership management. Some Internet users are active enough and they spend a lot of time on dating sites and intensively use all the available features. But there are also those who don’t want to pay monthly membership fees, because they use dating sites very rarely and only for specific reasons. You can make them interested by introducing an option to buy points and spend them on site’s services like winks, messages and more.
  • Virtual Gifts. Create beautifully-designed virtual gifts and charge a price per each one. Dating always includes courtship, making presents and flirt. Online dating has no difference except for being virtual. Users are glad to spend money when they hope that presents attract attention of someone special for them; and if it so, the gift receiver will give a gift back.

There are just few tips on monetization, I’ll tell you more in further posts of SkaDate Dating Software blog. Keep your hand on pulse.

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