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SkaDate Dating Software: Dating site promotion. First steps.

SkaDate Dating Software: Dating site promotion. First steps.


Dating site promotion is a hard work and it takes a lot of time and effort. Some people think that online marketing is not so difficult as soon as they learn the basic techniques and their success only depends on how they implement their knowledge. Let’s say, you have purchased a SkaDate Dating Software license and have already created a dating website. On this step, your site is nothing more than just a picture on the screen, even though it may be professionally designed. No one knows it – that’s a problem. So, the first task is to bring traffic and make users not only come to your website, but also return again.

First and foremost you should define your target audience. This step is crucial since all your further promotional efforts will be based on that. Don’t make just a generic dating site, there are already plenty of them. Much more effective is to focus your attention on a specific niche group, for instance photographers or dancers. Think about geographic targeting as well – it’s a realistic and reasonable idea to concentrate on one city and develop a specific message for its citizens, rather than spin a bottle and keep your fingers crossed, trying to target someone somewhere in the world. After gaining the popularity in one place, you can move to another one.

I’ll give you one valuable advice: register on the most prominent dating sites and make a comparative analysis with the one you have. Various discussion boards may inspire you as well, so don’t hesitate to participate in discussions. Use this resources to find out what do people expect from a good dating site. This information will help you to see the full picture of what dating business looks like and probably affect your business plan in a good way.

One of the major keys to success is writing. Submitting press releases to special directories, social networks and blogs is called “article marketing” and it’s a good thing to use as a way of promotion. Start your own blog, fill it with unique and appealing content, become an expert in some topic, make people trust you. Uuuh, sounds cumbersome, but believe me, it’s worth of it. Your blog can become a powerful instrument of promotion. Add also the link to your website to all e-mails you are sending and your profiles on social networks. You can produce videos about your site as well and promote them via YouTube.

Self-education in Search Engine Optimization field is a must do thing, if you are going to have a dating business. Learn about pay-per-click and Google advertising campaigns as well – online advertising often turns to be a good investment if used smartly.

Let’s run an eye over everything that we covered:

  • Define your target audience
  • Compare your site with other ones and come up with new ideas. Implement your knowledge in your business project.
  • Actively participate in dating forums, listen to people and find out what they want from dating sites.
  • Use article marketing: write press releases, articles, blog posts about your services. Make them interesting. Add links to your site in your posts and signatures.
  • Become an expert in Search Engine Optimization. Remember, it’s a must do thing.

Is there someone, who have already tried these promotion techniques? You are welcome to leave your comments and share your experience or suggestions. Follow SkaDate Dating Software blog and find more useful materials, regarding SEO and promotion of dating sites.

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