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Dating Websites Statistics Review by SkaDate Dating Software

Dating Websites Statistics Review by SkaDate Dating Software


by Varda Carrera

Anyone, having one’s own business, does much better if understanding the situation on market, interests of clients, and desires of potential target audience. To analyze what is going on in a world around, people usually use statistics. When used properly, statistics may tell you what conditions took place before and also it may predict future trends.

Today I would like to share some interesting statistics on online dating. This may be useful for you when creating and maintaining your own dating website powered by SkaDate Dating Software

According to Reuters, Herald News, PC World, Washington Post, 40 million out of 54 million single Americans have tried online dating at least once that represents 74% of all singles. So, you can see that that your website has a considerable target audience. 

10% of users leave the website within 3 months: some lose their interest, others find a match. 

The gender distribution of online dating sites users is quite balanced: 52,4% are male online dating users and 47,6% are female.

Annual revenue from the online dating industry increased from a $900 million in 2007 to a $1.9 billion in 2012.  and one user spends $239 per year in average. It’s becoming more and more popular and money-making each year.

Every dating site user is looking for specific characters in online date partner. 30 % think that personality is the most significant factor on the first date, 23% pay attention to the smile and look, 14% appreciate the sense of humor, and finally 10% consider career and education as the most important thing. To help all these diverse people find each other easier, you may use Matchmaking. This lovely SkaDate Dating Software feature allows users to set up their search filter, according to their preferences.

Average courtship period for marriages that met online is 18,5 month, while couples met offline date for an average of 40 month before getting married. Look, just announcing that fact on the main page of your website would probably bring you a bunch of new users, those who eager to join in holy matrimony. Do not forget to analyze dating statistics and have a good weekend. See you next month with a new dating statistics report.

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