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SkaDate Features: Getting Ready for Holiday Season

SkaDate Features: Getting Ready for Holiday Season


by Zima

Get your SkaDate Dating Software tweaked around in preparation for the holiday season! With all the celebrations quickly approaching, it is important for a website to give out the right vibe, and get the entire community in the right mood. Let’s look at the long list of SkaDate 8 Features and see how we can enhance the holiday spirit with some of them.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about winter holidays, I always think of presents first. Gifts make everyone happier, while perfectly expressing our appreciation, gratitude, or indeed love towards one another.

This makes SkaDate’s Virtual Gifts a must feature for the season. Apart from St. Valentine’s Day, the end-of-year holidays is that time of year when everyone is compelled to actually spend some real cash on gifts, so why not capitalize on that? Give your members something to play with – Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa – there’s plenty to choose from for everyone.

Site owners themselves can pose as role models for the community and set an early example by gifting members with additional User Credits. In the right environment this can boost gift-giving, or in the very least, will make users appreciate the admin even more.

Gifts alone, though, will not do the trick. To get the yuletide spirit across we need a full-scale sensory assault. Text, music, graphics – all content should speak to your visitor’s inner child in that magic time of year. I’m not saying you should turn your website into a Coca Cola truck… Although, how cool would that be, admit it we all wanted one!

Anyway, SkaDate dating script is perfectly suitable for handling these holiday transformations. Use Music Upload to make sure your members are welcomed by a cheerful holiday anthem. Add end-of-year Polls and send Mass Mailing greetings to get users talking about the upcoming celebrations. Get new Christmas Games to raise the spirit. Customize the background of our free dating templates, and replace user icons for a better visual impact. Pretty easy for anyone even with elementary programming skills.

Even better, basic customization experience will allow you to add falling snow, Christmas lights or any other decorations to the index page. Just find an appropriate java code and insert it to your site via Template/Index Page in the Admin Configuration area.

Alternatively, if you already feel the holiday fatigue and believe the celebration overkill is unnecessary, (or your name is the Grinch), just create a Custom Page and pile all the party stuff there. This way your dating site will continue serving its intended purpose, but there also be a special place for the rest of us holiday suckers to hang out at.

Either way, holidays are coming, and in a few days there’ll be little chance of escaping them. I say, let’s go with the flow and embrace the avalanche of love heading our way. We are in the online dating industry after all. And the season gives us the opportunity to turn it up to eleven. Actually… Make that twelve.

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