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SkaDate Features: Making Money Through Advertising

SkaDate Features: Making Money Through Advertising


by Zima

Making Money with Advertising

Let’s be honest with each other. It is possible that your ultimate goal in running a dating website might be matching the local padre with that goth chick from school coven, but for the rest of us it’s usually all about the money. And that’s OK – there is nothing wrong with making a living by giving the community what it wants.

Now, how exactly we all make a mint is our own business, but in this industry the two surface solutions are subscriptions and advertising. Of course it is important to realize that a startup is not likely to bring a lot of traffic immediately. This means that there should be a carefully planned strategy in place. Some successful independent dating site owners chose running their services for free initially, just to build the customer base and raise recognition. During that time the best way to see any revenue might be through using Google AdSense or any other affiliate programs, as well as employing direct banner advertising.

That’s where SkaDate Dating Software comes in. One of our most successful features is Geo-targeted Advertising. In the most basic sense it gives customers the freedom to spread original and custom advertising content through their website at a variety of positions.

The geo-targeted part? That’s pretty handy too – a customer can manually bind area-specific ads to separate banner sets. Or simply leave a region field to ‘Other’ and watch the system work its magic (it will chose which advertisement to display, depending on the visitors’ IPs). Also, don’t forget that if you are too busy mingling with goth chicks and padres to be bothered with looking for advertisers, you can always leave that to Google.

While choosing G-tools seems like the safest bet (and it is), there are, or course, other ways to increase income, if you are willing to put some effort into it. For instance, you can do a combination of AdSense and affiliate programs. Or go directly for the banner ads of local services potentially interesting to your customers. Think witchcraft shops or English-language courses. Wouldn’t they be interested in appealing directly to your customer base?

You might think that there is a catch here somewhere, as the post up to this point makes everything sound pretty simple. That’s because it is. Once you are running a SkaDate solution, the advertising setup is just a breeze, what with all the helpful templates and a video tutorial just in case. A proof not good enough for you? Here are some numbers – over 85% of all SkaDate users already utilize the system. It really works. Trust us.

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