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SkaDate Dating Software: February 14th, Traffic, And Other Nice Things

SkaDate Dating Software: February 14th, Traffic, And Other Nice Things


SkaDate Dating Software: February 14th, Traffic, And Other Nice ThingsGreetings SkaDate Dating Software followers! It is finally February 14th, so you know what that means, don’t you? A bunch of rough European men are about to start acting like drama queens every time they trip over other rough European men. Ah yes, the UEFA Championship League restarts today. The joy!

Well, we can certainly talk about that ball-game, or we can drop all pretense and accept that February 14th is all about St. Valentine’s, whether we like it or not. And just to make sure – we certainly do like the holiday, since the day drives a lot of traffic to online dating sites powered by SkaDate dating script.

This is understandable and happens every year around this time, because, let’s face it – who wants to be alone on St. Valentine’s? Not even UEFA Championship League players, I’m sure. Even they will indulge in some type of male bonding once done with sliding on the grass on their knees, or whatever they do for 90 minutes.

Unfortunately, a natural member-magnet of a celebration like St. Valentine’s isn’t going to last long, so you have to be prepared to drive traffic to your dating site on your own, during other, lesser holidays.

Good thing that half the work is cut out for you, since SkaDate (recently voted Runner-up in the Best Dating Software category at the 2012 iDate Awards) already includes a number of nifty SEO features. The question is – can you get really creative with your site to the point of increasing the incoming traffic? I’m happy to give you a very positive answer – yes. Yes, you can!

As a dating solution, SkaDate 9 gives users both, power and freedom to be unique – any site can be transformed in a number of ways to convey the desired spirit and suit the purpose of the coming holiday. Play dress up with design by changing numerous free dating themes and templates, give party bonuses to you members with user credits, create new virtual gifts appropriate for the season, send greetings to your users, etc.

Don’t forget the power of words either. Especially when those words are free marketing. I’ll teach you – wait till the holiday approaches and then quickly grab your keyboard and start typing away guest posts for blogs targeting potential customers. For instance, a week before February 14th is best spent promoting your dating site on European forums discussing UEFA Championships. See, that wasn’t that hard.

Being a dating software vendor, SkaDate team congratulates all of our active and potential customers with the most important holiday on the planet, the St.Valentine’s Day. We love you all, and hope your members feel the same. Love never gets old, and that means there’ll be always a job for you, little cupids! Now go out there and make that goal happen.

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