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SkaDate Dating Software: Funniest Online Dating Quotes

SkaDate Dating Software: Funniest Online Dating Quotes


a.baa-Cat-using-laptopWelcome back to SkaDate Dating Software blog and today I’m happy to introduce you to my new blog series called “Funniest Online Dating Quotes”. When surfing the Internet for dating news, I face many interesting things starting from dating statistics and ending with hilarious stories.

Sometimes it seems to me that the highest density of freaks is concentrated on dating sites: just imagine a girl who asks guys to rank her on a scale “from one to penguin” or a guy having tattoo of a half-naked woman that covers his entire back. Well, online dating stories is a topic for the next week SkaDate Dating Software blog post, but today let us take a look at the best online dating quotes:

  • I was advised to meet any online date in a brightly lit place with lots of people around. Guys love me I always have the first date at a baseball game.
  • – You look different in your dating profile.
    – I was impressing you with my Photoshop skills.
  • Let’s meet offline to lower the odds of me being turned off by your shoddy grammar and punctuation.
  • I didn’t worry when he asked my shoe size or my dress size in my profile. Only body bag size.
  • So, I went online looking for a man who was loyal, a good listener and would never leave me. I found him in an adopt a stray site.
  • So his profile said he loved Thai, Indian and Chinese. He wanted a mail order bride not dinner.
  • Treat dating like recruitment, insist on references and a credit check.
  • When someone sends you a photo, you don’t know they’re age. Ask them to hold up a recent newspaper front page.
  • He e-mailed those three words a girl wants to hear. Results were negative.
  • I got so desperate, when a scammer emailed about a million dollars. I asked to discuss it over dinner.
  • I had to change my online dating profile. The only hits it was getting was from FBI profilers.

You see, online dating business is not only a profitable venture, but it is also fun. Leave your comments and keep following SkaDate Dating Software blog.

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