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SkaDate Dating Software and Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

SkaDate Google Mobile Friendly

What you need to know about

Google’s new Mobile Friendly Algorithm

and how it affects SkaDate


SkaDate and Google Mobile FriendlyWhat is happening?

On April 21, 2015 Google will update its mobile search algorithm, which will affect how search results are presented on mobile devices. Despite the seeming enormity of the update (the impact is said to be greater than Panda or Penguin), the devil is in the details, so it’s important to understand what exactly is going on.

What is affected by the new algorithm?

First things first – desktop search results are not affect in any way whatsoever.

Only mobile organic search listings are affected.

Basically, starting April 21 Google will determine whether your website is optimized for mobile, and thus can be considered mobile-friendly. If the site is deemed mobile-friendly by this new mobile Google crawler, it will get better ranking in organic mobile listings. Keep in mind, that the test algorithm to determine mobile-friendliness is binary, so the affected website is seen by Google as either mobile-friendly or not – there seems to be no middle ground.

What are you doing about it?

In the next few days we’ll release an update for all current SkaDate templates, thus making mobile Google crawler consider them mobile-friendly. This way organic mobile search results for your sites will not be affected, just like desktop search results.

So, am I all set then?

Almost. If you haven’t introduced any custom modifications into templates, just wait for the theme update notification in your Admin Area and hit that auto-update button for all installed templates. If there were some template modifications made, back up your old templates and make sure the modifications can be re-introduced after the auto-update. Don’t hesitate contacting us if you have any related questions.

Cool, but what does the future hold?

The future is bright actually! Beside tweaking our templates so that Google sees SkaDate sites as mobile-friendly in mobile search results, we are also working on a fully-functional mobile browser version of our software. And if that’s not enough, we also have an Ace up our sleeve in the form of mobile apps. After all, it’s reasonable to believe that since a visitor used a mobile device to find your site, he could be inclined to continue the experience using a native mobile application. It’s all in your hands!