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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from SkaDate Dating Software


One of the most vivid and fun celebrations is heading our way this upcoming Monday. St. Patrick’s Day started as a religious feast in Ireland, but is now a staple of international holidays. You don’t have to be Irish to feel a part of the phenomenon, and SkaDate Dating Software is never the one to miss such an opportunity.

Interestingly enough, many dating sites use the occasion to boost interactions with their audience and build additional memberships along the way. The holiday is perfect for setting up special events, both online and in real life – it’s all in good “spirit” after all, so to speak.

Don’t be shy and announce special speed-dating campaigns, launch drinking, dancing, costume and other competitions with thematic prizes, and of course use your chance to give out tipsy dating tips to the members of your site – they’ll appreciate it. There’s plenty you can do with your dating site to create additional excitement and exposure.

On our part, we’ll be joining the fun as well. Just keep an eye on the SkaDate front page during the weekend and be ready for a surprise. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. Cheers!