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Happy Valentine’s Day from SkaDate


Today the entire world is celebrating Love, the most fascinating of human feelings. For SkaDate Dating Software and many of you, Valentine’s is a professional holiday. Unsurprisingly, one of the major annual spikes in popularity of dating sites appears mid-February, so that’s the perfect time to launch your dating business or expand operation. We give you a solution and you give people what they want – a chance at meeting the love of their lives.

In immortal words of Eurythmics, everybody’s looking for something. That something, is obviously love, in all of its shapes, forms and colors. Being what it is, love is always in demand. It always will be. No politics, recessions or any other perturbations will ever halt the people’s desire to find a perfect match. We are here to help them, and benefit along the way. It’s win-win for everybody. Happy Valentine’s!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our front-page or social media presence – just for this holiday, we’ve prepared a small gift for everyone joining the online dating market today.