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Help Us Help You (Save Time and Money)

by Zima

SupportLet me say this outright – we know how frustrating it is when instead of your beautiful dating website all you see on the monitor is a blank page, or when a new feature you longed for does not function for some mysterious reason. We’ve all been there before. In our case we’ve been there on both sides – while testing new products in-house and while trying to help the most important people in our lives – you, the customers.

With that said, SkaDate team would really prefer if the users of our dating software never encountered any problems at all, ever. That, unfortunately, is impossible for one simple reason. Once the product reaches a certain stage where it is highly customizable to fit various needs of very different audiences, the easiest surface solutions are no longer enough to fix everything in just a few clicks. That is why we employ a handpicked team of highly skilled support technicians for your convenience.

As anyone who has ever dealt with customer support knows, the fixing-up process could be unpleasant, annoying and tedious. Here are a few tips to avoid this and to make your life much more easier.

Identify your problem clearly. I cannot stress enough the importance of this vital step. It is crucial to realize that SkaDate Dating Software is a professional business solution that can seem complex at the first glance. The more you work with it the more flexibility you will notice. However, for a novice user all the available options could seem overwhelming. The instinct here might be to ask for support on all matters at once immediately.

A better approach would be to tackle each individual problem separately. Create a ticket, name it as descriptively as possible (a subject line stating just ‘Hello’ will be definitely lost among others), get support, get the problem solved, close the ticket, and move on to the next issue. Posting a lengthy plea for help in a single email with generic name will actually slow down the process, as it will take operators more time to find it, sort out the list into separate instances and check them one by one.

While doing this remember to supply full info on the matter in question. Also, please trust us when we say that we need something specific from you, like a screenshot or log. It is not in our interest to drive you insane with weird requests. The only reason our support asks you for something is to get to the root of the issue faster. We had cases where a problem at hand required just a minor tweaking, and yet the battle to solve it raged on for well over a week, all because of a lonely screencap missing in action.

Sometimes new customers appeal to our support believing that there is a bug in the software. Look at it this way – the Demo on our website is not a standalone product. It runs on the very package you are using. Thus if you see a feature working correctly in the demo, it should work on your side as well. Any differentiating results can come only from the incorrect setup or hosting. We’ll be glad to help you with the former, but sadly there is not much we can do with the later. Here is a quick list of issues that identify server complications (Call-Your-Provider Stuff) –

MySQL server has gone away
Database connection failed in (directory)
500 Internal Server error
Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhausted

Now for the ‘saving money’ part. As you know, we offer a month of free support to all new customers, but then we charge a monthly fee for continuous use of the service. This happens because we follow certain market rules, and since it was our conscious decision to stay within a very confined niche, we simply cannot operate otherwise while handling thousands of subscribers. There is, however, a way for you to get all the support you need for free.

Six years of operation proved to us that over 90% of all problems and their solutions can be found in our manuals and on the forum. This might be a lengthy read, but it will save you time and money in the long run if you will know what goes on inside the machine that drives your business.

As final words I want to tell you that we treasure every single customer. This is not just a random throw-away promo line at the end of a post. It is true. We are in this business together, and we are fully aware that you deal with thousands of your own clients on the daily basis. That is why we will do everything we can to make your communication with us as express, useful and painless of an experience as possible. Thank you and come again!