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Hot Deal: SkaDate 8 + Mobile Edition 30% Off!

Hot Deal: SkaDate 8 + Mobile Edition 30% Off!



I don’t know what it is, but there is certainly something in the air. Maybe it’s the smell of the ocean at night or the lights of all-night beach discos. Alternatively, it might be the roller-skating girls, cocktail stands and picnic baskets. Or maybe it’s the anticipation of barbecues and fireworks in a few weeks; the entire mid-season of NASCAR, planned fishing trips, and reunions with old school buddies. It’s the summer, that’s what it is, and it’s the perfect opportunity for sharing.

Just for the next three days we’ll give away the bundle of SkaDate Dating Software and the Mobile Edition for just $350, as opposed to the regular price of $500. That’s a discount of 30%! Hell, make it four days. Watch the timer on the front page and don’t miss out on this limited offer. This way you’ll get both – Desktop and Mobile versions at the cost of the single regular script, and we’ll get the season rolling, as we do every half a year (you don’t want to wait for Christmas sweeps, do you).

Favorite features of the SkaDate Dating Solution include (but not limited to) –

  • Games

  • Video Sharing

  • Music Player

  • Matchmaking

  • Shoutbox

  • Speed-Dating

  • Virtual Gift Shop

  • Classifieds

  • Spam Protection

  • Strong Password Security

  • Payment Affiliation Support

  • Multiple Languages Support

  • Geo-Targeted Advertisement

  • Much, much more!

The SkaDate Mobile Edition supports all the popular mobile browsers and allows your customers to interact on the go. I imagine this will be especially useful at a time when no one wants to stay at home and heads for vacations. Enjoy the summer everyone. Place your order now or contact our Pre-sales Operator with any additional questions.

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