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SkaDate: How to Start Online Dating Business (The Right Way)

SkaDate: How to Start Online Dating Business (The Right Way)


by Zima

SkaDate: How to Start Online Dating Business Right?Would you look at that? A few hours after SkaDate Dating Software Blog posted about the dangers of SOPA, Lamar Smith, the chief sponsor of the controversial bill pulled it. Pure coincidence you say? Well, sure, but I still love to think that we did our part and added one of the last straws to help the common sense outweighed the ridiculous proposition.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s return to our scheduled programming – we have some fairly important topic to talk about today. Namely, a question on the minds of anyone with the goal of starting online dating business on a budget: How do you not screw up?  How do you do it right from the start? There is no universal answer, of course, but I’ll try to give you some useful heads up anyway.

One common rule for entrepreneurs without a huge advertising budget or venture capital funding, is to start small and be patient.

What does it mean? Well, once you’ve got SkaDate dating script installed, slowly begin your expansion locally – there will be time and money to go international later on.

Your local scene will have everything you need to jump start dating service in terms of initial member base, networking opportunities, and advertising venues. Your goal here will be not to make millions in profit in just a few days, but to build some word-of-mouth and raise awareness for yourself – something that will go a long way for your future success.

Working together with local business can add some cash to your budget, make several important connections, and provide locations to recruit new members by hosting themed dating events. At this stage, inexpensive local media can also be utilized to great effects for promotion. Alternatively, even colorful fliers in right places will work to your advantage.

Spreading word-of-mouth is an art in itself, but the effect can be greatly boosted with a right strategy. When you know who you are going to target exactly (say, the local divorced market), how about signing up some of them for free as promotion. Also, doing something public or speaking up for the target group in the community will greatly boost your popularity and reputation.

While doing all of that, you’ll slowly get the hang of the business, and once you are through the stage one, things will proceed much easier. When that happens, you will have to re-focus on building a strong team around you, raising additional funds, and expanding your service beyond the local community.

And never be afraid of competing with big international players like, etc. They serve a huge pool of daters, but their audience is too spread out. If you do everything right, your precision rate will be much higher, what with the local operation and a targeted niche approach. Good luck!




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