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How To Use VSEO To Be At The Top Of Google Search Results


Hummingbird made us realize that high ranking of a website is not just about building a large number of links. Google’s search algorithms evolved in complexity as well as search results today display text, recipes, images, videos. Why not to turn this problem of complexity into the opportunity?

So, what is VSEO?

Video Search Engine Optimisation is the use of various techniques to improve a video’s ranking in the search engines. It is the use of tags and descriptions used when uploading to provide search engines with the assets of to index videos in search results.

There are couple of reasons why VSEO is important these days:

  • Mobiles and tablets are faster, more user-friendly, and more intuitive. It increases the demand for video.
  • Crazily popular today Instagram, Vine, and other video apps are simplifying video creation.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, which helps increase your business’ reach. Plus: Google owns YouTube.
  • Google Hangouts on Air, which allows everyone to stream, live videos that will be recorded and automatically added to the YouTube channel. The streaming will be on Google+ Hangouts, YouTube, and your dating website.
  • Video is the best and most effective and engaging communication tool. Today’s customers prefer video to text, infographics or audio materials.

Video Production

It’s important to remember that the video production will cost you a hefty chunk of money, so better to spend it wisely. Define your goals first. Conceptualize it depending on the goal: is the aim of the video to build links and generate social shares or to increase conversions or both?

You created a quality video. Now time to get viewers to find your video.

Search engines are undoubtedly getting smarter, but cannot see yet what’s in the video. Google and YouTube rely on the information that exists about the video: metadata, number of comments and share, date added, view count, rating and flagging, incoming links, etc.

  • Keywords. When uploading your video enrich the title with keywords.
  • Use tags. Include all possibly relevant information in the tags.
  • Use the closed captions and provide transcripts.
  • Choose a thumbnail image. According to SEOmoz, eye’s are more likely to focus on video thumbnails and not less on anything else.
  • Upload HD video instead of SD. High definition videos rank higher than standard videos in Google and YouTube searches.
  • Make sure your visibility is set to public.
  • YouTube is the largest video sharing site but not the only one. Share your video on other sites like Vimeo. Make short versions fo Instagram and Vine. Even news websites these days are practicing it.
  • Create an active YouTube channel.

Good luck, and keep an eye on SkaDate Dating Software blog for more useful tips and information.