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SkaDate CEO Emil Sarnogoev Talks About Recent iDate Conference in Miami

SkaDate CEO Emil Sarnogoev Talks About Recent iDate Conference in Miami


Last week I attended the iDate conference in Miami. I wasn’t a speaker like last time, which gave me more time to actually connect with other industry players and our customers.

SkaDate dating software clients often contact us, asking whether we are going to the next iDate — as it’s the most prominent event in the industry — to meet and discuss their projects. To be clear, it never made much sense to visit iDate to make new sales, but it is a great way to meet real customers from all over the world and to get into the realities and challenges of dating startups.

I’m frequently talking with customers on the phone or via email, but it doesn’t create that special, fragile environment when you meet face-to-face and take your time to talk. Finally, there’s nothing like walking away energized and full of ideas after two days of discussing and brainstorming with clients. It’s a rewarding and often eye-opening experience that’s hard to match.

Apart from that, iDate is always great for tracking industry trends since speakers from big name players go there to share insights. This particular iDate conference was no different. Main takeaways from the presentations are as follows:

  • Live video is the next big thing and major dating players are about to introduce their own offerings, thus further extending ties with social (just leaving it here for now – but we are currently integrating video chat into our SkaDate mobile dating apps);
  • Scale is the only hope – that’s why major players are very much in acquisitive mode. This reinforces our view that dating is not about buying and reselling traffic, but rather about trying out your own ideas. Once your executed idea resonates with the public the acquirer may be around the corner;
  • The meteoric rise of matchmaking signals dating market growth (and frustration), thanks to Tinder. This is great news for those who move fast and want to capitalize on current turbulent times.

If you are serious about dating but haven’t visited iDate yet, you don’t know what you are missing. Visit, get the insights and I’ll be happy to meet you there. The next meetup will take place in June in LA.

Emil Sarnogoev

SkaDate Founder, Skalfa CEO

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