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Five Hollywood Ideas to Get You More Members in 2012

Five Hollywood Ideas to Get You More Members in 2012


by Zima

Do you know what SkaDate has in common with Hollywood? We both use scripts. Only difference is – ours is a dating one, and theirs are riddled with plot holes, paper-thin characters, and historic inaccuracies. In the end though, both are designed to entertain the masses with the final product, which will generate a ton of cash for the studio or a site owner.

For years Hollywood successfully exploited the dating concept to get butts in seats. I think it’s time we hit back and use the Tinseltown’s ideas to get those butts (or rather bucks) all for ourselves. Here are the five 2012 movies to increase your site memberships.

5. The Avengers

The Avengers are a bunch of superheroes who are supposedly avenging… something. Maybe the upcoming movie will finally clarify this point. The team includes Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Scarlett Johansson among others, so the superpower on display will be clearly ‘looking charismatic and pretty’. This concept worked miracles for Darwin Dating, so there is no reason it won’t work for everyone else.

The characters can fly, smash things up in spectacular fashion, and unashamedly run around half-naked while calling each other ridiculous names. Thus they pretty much do whatever everyone does while drunk or high. That’s your first hint that the Avengers-themed dating site should primarily focus on college students.

But wait, there is more! The Avengers matchmaking portal will be ideal for targeting people with various weird fetishes, from eye-patches to big hammers to huge muscle-mass  to costumes. Lot’s of colorful costumes. And masks. So it’s all symbolic, since we all wear masks on the Internet.

4. The Dark Night Rises

Dontcha wanna date?

But what if you want to approach a more “serious” and mature audience? I’ve got just the solution for you. Batman. The third and final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s broody Dark Knight saga is coming to an end next year, so that’s the chance to get all gritty and, well, rubbery, and still cash-in on the current superhero frenzy.

The community can be built around discussions of various gadgets, custom-made cars, and loony murderous psychopaths in the area. Or S&M. Catwoman, anyone? How about Bane? Hell, Batman himself can be a Pain-and-Punishment Convention host.

Alternatively, site members can be attracted by promises of tuxedo-clad double-identity gentlemen who possess loads of cash. This will be especially enticing for women, I think… Although, you never know with Batman.  Add Robin to the bunch and the site can become an all out gay dating extravaganza.

3. World War Z

OK, let’s tone down the kink a bit and switch to a post-apocalyptic fantasy. You know what the world of online dating needs? Zombies.

That’s right, the undead are everywhere these days. The TV has the excellent Walking Dead, Zombie Walks are becoming increasingly popular around the globe, and even Brad Pitt himself now seems to be in love with a zombie… um, I mean zombies. He is the producer and star of a mokumentary about the aftermath of the aforementioned world war with the ghouls.

Applied to a dating site, this concept can be played two ways. One is the obviously clever satirical take on site members as hordes of mindless undead. Another is a touching role-playing experience, uniting the pseudo-survivors of the Zombie War. But who am I kidding, the site should be a hub for all zombie lovers out there. This one has a real potential of crossing over to the social networking territory. (Shameless plug – SkaDate Dating Script can power that too). But wait, we already have Facebook…

2. American Reunion

Enough with the macabre! Let’s look at the bright side – a brand new theatrical American Pie movie is coming out after what seems to be ages of straight-to-DVD leftover dumps. It’s all about the reunion this time, and the original cast is back in its entirety. Not much of an achievement really, since all of them don’t seems to do much lately, bar Alyson Hannigan and Sean William Scott.

As much as everyone hates reunions, we all keep attending them if only to piss off others with a few of our real (and multiple fake) achievements. But it’s different on the web, with social networks and dating sites tailor-made for getting back in touch with classmates.

Just think how many people missed the opportunity to hook up in high school due clique divisions, peer pressure, and those crappy cars they were stuck with for a half a decade. Voila, an American Reunion site will finally give everyone the opportunity to reveal their feelings to past secret crashes, and to exact revenge on the Homecoming Queen for not showing up for dates by spamming her mailbox.

All your date are belong to us!

1. Twilight Breaking Dawn 2

Is emo subculture still around? Is it still considered a subculture? You might not like it personally, but building your site around a Twilight theme will work like a charm in baiting those angsty teens. They’ll need a place to went off after seeing the latest chapter in the Saga, while deciding once and for all who’s tougher – a sparkly vampire or a werewolf with supernatural abs.

Seriously, though, if there ever was a Hollywood franchise perfectly suitable for adaptation in the online dating form, Twilight must be it. Even when the franchise fades away eventually, the teenage anxiety is not going anywhere.

This will be the key to getting an annual influx of new members, who reached a certain age and found themselves in need of sharing heartbreaking stories about the turbulence of approaching adult life. Alternatively, the network can serve as a meeting place for middle-aged moms, who love their fan-fiction with a spark of supernatural abs.

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