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Inside SkaDate Dating Script: Page Management

Page management is easier than ever with SkaDate dating software. Learn more why it is a vital part of creating a successful dating site.

When purchasing SkaDate Dating Software, you always get a free month of our professional and friendly support service. Moreover, if you are a proud owner of a SkaDate Advanced/Premium Solution, you have access to a Personal Manager. This significantly reduces (or eliminates) the hassle of setting up your online dating website. However, you’d be surprised to find out how many of our clients opt to have a go at all the settings on their own. Thankfully, our platform is very flexible and user-friendly to allow adjustments to suit any niche or concept.

Today we take another look at SkaDate dating script and show you how easy it is to manage various pages of your site. After all, it’s not enough to just change a background image to create a proper facade. You also need to adjust the placement of all building blocks and menu items to make the user experience as comfortable as possible for your site members. Remember that proper UX can optimize the browsing process substantially and work miracles for user retention.

Setting up some of the inside pages is as easy as playing with Lego blocks. Just proceed to your site’s Dashboard and find Pages in the left-hand menu. Manage Pages is your final destination. Let’s look at some (not all) of the stuff we can find there.

Drag and Drop Interface


The drag and drop interface allows you change the order of the menu items. Just pull the block you want to move with your mouse and place it where you need it. See, we told you it’s going to be easy.

Guests or Registered Users

This option lets you manage who gets the access to see a page. Choose whether to show your site’s pages to unregistered guests, hide them completely, or just temporarily block them depending on successful authentication.

Automatic Routing

The menu page, which ends up being the first item on the list, will automatically become your landing page. For example, if you move the Photos page into the first position in the menu, all users reaching your domain will end up in the photo gallery first.

External URLs

You can also place an external URL in place of a local page. This is incredibly handy if you want to use a third-party blog or forum for your dating site. In the same manner, you can make a great footer for your site, with links to social media and other useful resources outside of your primary platform.

Internal Pages

In case you create a local page with SkaDate dating script, the system will automatically make it correspond to a standard SkaDate design. This means that you don’t need to manually add the page’s header, footer, and sidebar (if you want one). All you need to do is work on the page content itself.

Third-party Plugins

From a technical standpoint, there is another cool thing about the page management within SkaDate Dating Software. The system lets you easily tweak it with third-party plugins available in the store.

Note that while it is quite easy to play around with page management, we are still always happy to help you with any setup or configuration chores. Just talk to us about your idea, and we’ll assist you with everything you need. This can save your time and allow you to focus on what’s more important – making money.