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Last Call: Hot Summer Deals (And A Few Useful Ideas)

Last Call: Hot Summer Deals (And A Few Useful Ideas)


by Zima

Hot Summer DealsThis is it, ladies and gentlemen. Last call! Use your ultimate chance to save 30% on our bundle of SkaDate Dating Software and SkaDate Mobile Edition. Three days passed, one still to go. The countdown timer is on the front page. Don’t miss out. You know that your users want to have an uninterrupted dating experience, both in their hotel suite and while at the beach. So, go and get it now. I’ll wait while you place your order.

In the meantime I want to entertain you with some text and a couple of videos I found on the web. You see, our Hot Summer Deal is a part of the annual marketing strategy. Everyone in our industry has one, but I guess I don’t have to tell you that, since you are already here. Instead, I’ll write about the basics of approaching on-line marketing, as well as some innovative use of the Internet while dealing with promoting your website or any other product.

Boring stuff first. Did I say boring? I meant exciting. Well, maybe not, but it’s important, dammit. Ready? Go! Build user loyalty, use advertising promotions, link back to a popular local site, get listed in several search engines, use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to spread the word, write quality content… Done. Whew. See, I told you it wasn’t that painful. In all truth though, the web is afloat with tips on Internet marketing, but who wants to read page after page of same old same old, when we can skip class skip class and watch a vid a vid?

So, on to the cool practical stuff. Alright, Web 2.0 was born to make the sharing of information through social media stand out. And what stands out better than the viral phenomenon. Not only viral ads attract a ton of attention if done right, they are almost universally fun to watch, and definitely require a great deal of creativity. Don’t take my word for it. Take Jennifer Aniston’s, who is seen here in the process of actually learning what a viral video is and how to make it.

What’s that you say? You don’t have enough money to get Jennifer Aniston to star in a viral ad for your dating site? That’s OK. I mean, I haven’t seen Phoebe in a while, so she must be much more affordable. Although, you don’t have to have a ‘star’ in your viral ad for it to be successful. In fact, it doesn’t have to even look like an ad, and still work. Take a look at the appropriately titled ‘eHarmony Video Bio’ that exploded all over the Internet last week.


I am not even sure this was done by eHarmony in the first place, but all of the numerous blog-posts and articles on the web that reported about the video, mention the Santa Monica based dating site several times each. We are talking truly international exposure – San Francisco Chronicle, SerbijaNet, and 现在新闻. Free publicity? I’ll take that… The next video comes from another major on-line dating service It is an example of how to employ the lowest common denominator in your business model. Thank Hollywood for making sure everyone in the world understands that farts = cash.


I have to say that I’d rather question the strategy of associating dating with explosive diarrhea, but whatever rocks your boat I suppose. Now, the dating giant links dating with, well, love, no matter how strange the concept may sound. Also, their viral ad falls somewhere in between the previous videos on this list. It’s not as cheap as showing an amateur crying over kitties, but luckily there is also no Aniston or toilets in sight (now that would be winning formula for smartwater!)


On to Lady Gaga than. You didn’t think I would miss on the opportunity to write about her, did you? She is such an embodiment of the digital age, I’d make her SkaDate spokeswoman and mascot in one, if I could. (And I can’t, since I’m chained to a desk, and Gaga would have to change her name to something like SkaGa. No wander she chose more closely-sounding Google as a partner).

The video is going viral for one simple reason – both G’s know how to directly communicate with their audiences. This particular ad shows that the new browser makes it extremely easy for people to connect with each other and share their creativity – a central idea in our line of work, if you think about it. Side note: If you look close, you can actually spot me in the video. Right at 1:00. Check it out.

Well, that’s about it. I hope my twaddle and the videos gave you a plenty of inspiration. Oh, look at the countdown! We are almost out of time. Hurry up and get that Mobile Version (+ the desktop one too). I tell you it’s indispensable. Class dismissed.


OK, it’s not really me in Gaga’s video. But I sure made you watch it again, didn’t I? Ha!

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