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One of the most important parts of paid campaigns is the conversion rate of a website. So, what is the conversion rate? Conversion rate is the percentage of potential customers who take a desired action on your site: subscribe, call or make a purchase.  For example if 100 visitors come to a particular page on your website via a pay per click ad and 1 out of of that 100 makes a purchase (or any other desired action), the conversion rate for an ad is one percent. The larger the number — the more successful your paid ad is.

How to improve your conversion rate?

  1. Use specific keywords: the more targetted you are — the higher the chance of “catching” your customer.
  2. Make the website visually attractive. A big, quality image says a thousand words, adds life to a website and connects better with your target audience. 
  3. Pay attention to the site colors: do not use aggressive colors all over your website. According to color studies, red creates an urgency, blue  — trust, green — freshness, but they look great when used in a contrast.
  4. Add social proof:  customer testimonials, case studies.
  5. Create a strong image of your website by using a mascot or a unique feature.
  6. Offer a guarantee: it gives customers more confidence in your offering.
  7. Make them feel secure on your website: visitors are usually protective of their privacy.
  8. Keep the navigation through the website simple: do not make your customer think too much and search long for the necessary pages.

Many websites concentrate only on increasing the number of visitors, when conversion rate is of a higher importance. Tracking the conversion rates allows you to correct problems, make necessary improvements and improve sales. As Dave Lavinsky of Forbes said: “No matter how good your current conversion rates are, they can always get better”. Keep up with the SkaDate blog, more tips are coming!