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How to Make a Matrimonial Dating Site with SkaDate Dating Software

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to make the site as comfortable as possible for your visitors.

How to find a partner for long term stable relationship? Virtually everyone comes across this question at one point or another in their lives. Dating trends change all the time, but the goal of getting married is always there, all across the globe and through human history. Matrimonial sites aim to help people reach said goal, and that’s their primary difference from all other online dating niches. After all, niche sites have to correspond to a lot of variables like current social outlook, timeliness, location and interests – and that’s not always easy. Whereas with Matrimonial sites you just need a lot Internet users in the region where you want to start your dating business, and then make the site as comfortable as possible for your visitors. SkaDate Dating Software can help you here. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do.

First thing you should do is look at the demo version of SkaDate dating script, where we’ll take you through all the necessary changes step by step.

How your site will look and what you need to change in the default SkaDate to make a Matrimonial site?


Reaching the main page of your site a visitor should immediately understand it’s intended end goal – the ability to get into a real relationship that will eventually lead to marriage.  This means the visual focus of your site should emphasize exactly that. How can you do that?

Why, by using images, of course. The latest trend in the dating industry is to avoid overstuffing your site with a load of various photos. Instead, keep the key ones, and supplement it with a thematic title, as well as Join/Sign-in Form.


One of the main attributes of any Matrimonial dating site is the level of trust it evokes. Your visitors are looking for serious relationships, not one-night stands. Thus it’s vitally important to have real users on your site. One of the ways to do that is to restrict registration to Facebook only. This way new visitors will immediately know that all everyone encountered on your site can be found on Facebook.


The search for potential matches is the main goal of your every visitor. The functionality of SkaDate dating script allows making this process very precise. You

can tweak the search around in the admin area, add new fields and questions, etc. Make it so that users see not only basic metrics (like age and sex) but specific geo-locations and even interests. This will help your visitors save their time and make the site interaction more appealing during return visits. You can even add completely new Profile Questions, likeEducation, Income, Religion Preferences and Native Language. Just think what’s important in the marriage partner in your specific area, and add that in.

In this regard, SkaDate Dating Software is quite flexible for adapting any of its parts to suit your specific needs and goals, especially with our detailed manuals, and a very friendly support team. Moreover, you can leave all this background work to our specialists completely by getting your personal Project Manager, who will take care of all the work and communication.

When you have a site running we’ll advise you on how to monetize it further (if that’s something you want to do with our help). Indeed, our goal is to set up the base of operations for you, covering all the nuances, and leaving you focusing on the running of your online dating business.

Contact our specialists to learn more about SkaDate Solutions, products and services. Drop us a line or schedule a call to get detailed answers to all of your questions.