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SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile Edition Explained

SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile Edition Explained


By Zima

SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile Edition ExplainedSkaDate Dating Software has been recently upgraded to its 9th version, and as many of our clients have already learned, this was a major step forward for our acclaimed dating solution. This feat was accomplished in part due to the success of the SkaDate iPhone/iPad Application, developed jointly by SkaDate and SOD Technologies. Let’s talk mobile for a while and see why it is so important nowadays.

But first I want to dispel some confusion about SkaDate Mobile terms, versions, and prices. What we have on offer as great additions to the basic SkaDate dating script is SkaDate Mobile Browser Version and SkaDate iPhone/iPad Application. Slap them together and you’ll get what we brand as SkaDate Mobile Edition. Before SkaDate 9, Mobile Edition consisted only of SkaDate Mobile Browser Version, and was sold for a regular price of $150. But now our clients get even better value for their money, since both Mobile Browser Version and iPhone/iPad Application have a joint price of $200.

Now that you know what we are dealing with, you might wonder why you’d need a mobile version of dating software at all.  Well, the truth is that the times when online activity was confined to stationed desktop computers are gone now. Everyone needs mobility and on-the-go activity, even in their dating routines.

The mobile dating trend has been growing tremendously since last year. Some of more promising startups emerging in 2011 even focused entirely on exploring mobile dating possibilities. More smartphones and tablets of various aptitude and pricing appeared on the market, making sure that every single demo can find something appropriate. This turn of events had a major impact on the online dating industry and is now quickly changes its landscape, virtually assuring that there’ll be no future for successful Internet matchmaking without mobile capabilities.

This is where SkaDate comes in. Even before the real explosion of on-the-go dating, our Browser Version was already a hit. It is basically a user-friendly and light form of the actual website, which retains all of the most popular features of the real deal, but was developed specifically for working with mobile browsers like Safari, IE, and Opera Mobile.

Obviously this was no longer enough when everyone and their grandma started buying Apple products a few years ago. Launching a browser for online activity suddenly became passé. In no time users wanted personalized native apps and the bar for their quality and sleekness was set extremely high. We accepted this challenge and soon SkaDate iPhone/iPad Application was born.

SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile Edition Explained

Just like with browser version, the app is really handy for people with active lifestyles, who do not want to spend their days behind a computer. Every favorite feature from Instant Chat to Photo Upload and Profile Browsing is present, while the presentation is quite engaging, stylish and smooth.

Quite honestly I believe that similarly to latest gadgets, words are mostly useless when we are dealing with mobile applications. Hands-on experience is everything now – either it’s totally useless, or it changes the way we perceive common things and actions. And judging by the word-of-mouth so far, we took the right direction with our mobile add-on. It looks like our customers agree, since the upgraded SkaDate Mobile Edition has already become a bestseller. Don’t miss out.

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