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New Build of SkaDate Dating Script: 8.2140

We have released a new build of SkaDate Dating Software – 8.2140

It features minor fixes and usability improvements.

Here is what you will find in SkaDate 8.2140:

We have released a new build of SkaDate Dating Software8.2140

It features minor fixes and usability improvements.

Here is what you will find in SkaDate 8.2140:

  • Tips on payment providers setup in the Admin Panel

To make the process of payment providers activation easier for you, we have added links to the corresponding sections of online Admin Panel manual for each of the payment gateways. So if you want to setup PayPal, but don’t feel like leaving the Admin Panel to look for instructions, just click on the question icon against the payment provider’s title, and follow the detailed configuration guide.

  • Optional ‘Location’ matching field for Speed Dating events

Base Speed Dating matching fields are age, sex, location. If you don’t have that many members in your community yet, but still want each of the Speed Dating event participants to find a match to talk to – ease the matching criteria by disabling the ‘location’ field. This will let the system find more Speed Dating matches for each user.

  • Advance Speed Dating event notification

For your members not to miss the Speed Dating event they have signed up to, and be online on the site at the appropriate time –  the system is configured to send out automatic reminders about the upcoming event 24 hours before it takes place.

  • DreamDate template improvements

A few more improvements to fonts, and component names of the so-loved-by-customers DreamDate template.

  • Unsubscribed profile details

Before, if your site member decided to unsubscribe his profile, you received a notification that someone has left your site, which didn’t contain any of the member’s personal details. So you could only guess who quited using your site, and why. Having received multiple requests from our customers to make the ‘Unsubscribe notification’ more informative , we have added more details to it by including the member’s username and email.

  • Possibility to access site Admin Panel via SkaDate Mobile Edition.

Now not only site members can experience all benefits of mobile online dating, but also site owners can access the Administration Panel and make necessary settings right from their mobile device.

  • Updated database of IP range for geo-targeted ads

To always keep the IP range database up-to-date, thus making your geo-targeted ad campaign as efficient as possible, we are updating it with every new software build.

You can download the new SkaDate Dating Software build and update manuals for free in your Customer Area.