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SkaDate Dating Software New Cookie Regulation Tips

In the last few days we’ve had several SkaDate Dating Software license holders from the EU asking us about the new “Cookie Law,” and how they can make their sites compliant with the new regulations.

First of all, let’s see what we are actually dealing with. In simple terms, it’s a regulation, which makes all websites targeting EU audiences ask their visitors for their consent to install cookies. Here’s the official name: EU Directive 2009/136/EC, and you can clearly see it was first introduced three years ago.

The directive seeks giving users more knowledge and control over who’s and why tracking them via cookies. Unsurprisingly, right now not many users know that every time they visit any site, they leave some information behind. With the regulation in place, the EU lawmakers attempt to make another step at increasing this awareness and improving overall online privacy.

Over the last three years all European countries had to introduce changes to their internal legislation to make the directive work locally. But like with everything in the EU, the regulation adoption process is as slow as ever, and by now only a handful of states (including the UK) are fully compatible with the e-Privacy reg.

Nevertheless, the rule has been enforced, and you have to remember that it does not matter where your online business is physically located. If a website is based in the US, but targets European audience, it must comply with the directive (theoretically).

Now, what can you do as an owner of a site running on the SkaDate dating script? Well, following the example of the others is the best solution at the moment. Here’s how ICO, the UK enforcer of the regulation is dealing with the issue.

As you can see there is no unified solution, and truth be told, most sites simply ignore the directive altogether for now. Of course, that’s one way to deal with the situation, but just to feel extra safe, it is still advisable to amend your Privacy Policy, and add a couple of sentences to the index page.

To do so, just go to your Admin Area/Template/Index Page/Index Page Builder section. Once there add any text in the desired area of the page and save it. Voila.

We are aware that adding unexpected elements to the index page can play a trick with your design and presentation. That is why we are currently working on the option of adding an information splash screen to your site. The feature will be made available with the next revision of the SkaDate solution.